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Understanding the React useReducer Hook




The introduction of Hooks in React introduced up a brand new means of writing and enthusiastic about React functions. One of the crucial widespread Hooks amongst builders thus far is useReducer, which permits us to deal with some advanced state manipulations and updates, and that is what we’ll be studying about on this article.

In React there are two predominant hooks which can be used for state administration, and everyone knows them. These are:

You may need heard or used React.useState hook, and if not you possibly can immediately learn React’s official documentation about Hooks right here.

Have you ever ever discovered any issue in selecting a state administration library to handle and deal with a world state in a React app? Or, what if it’s worthwhile to handle extra difficult knowledge constructions or carry out any unintended effects?Pondering over these ideas is sort of tough and time-consuming.

Nicely, that is just about what we’re going to study and canopy on this article, so learn on!  


To be able to get the complete advantages of this text, I’d advocate you to double verify this prerequisite checklist and arrange the setting as recommended.

  • Npm or Yarn put in
  • Node.js model >= 12.x.x put in
  • create-react-app cli put in or use npx
  • Fundamentals of React Hooks, (if not kindly learn this primary)

What’s a Reducer, anyway?

What’s the very first thing that comes up in your thoughts once you hear the time period reducer in React?

For me, I’m at all times reminded of JavaScript’s Array.reducer() operate.

The one job of a reducer is to Cut back!

Everyone knows that the unique cut back() technique in JavaScript executes a given operate for every worth of an array  contemplating from left-to-right. And, right here React.useReducer actually, is sort of a mini Redux reducer.  

A reducer is principally a operate which determines a change to an utility’s state. It takes the assistance of an motion through the use of it to obtain and decide that specific change.

In react we now have loads of choices, like Redux, that may assist to handle the applying’s state adjustments in a single retailer. Right here we’ll study how we are able to make use of a reducer to handle shared state in an utility.

Reducer is likely one of the new customized Hooks launched in React since v16.eight. It means that you can replace elements of your part’s state when sure actions are dispatched, and it is extremely much like how Redux works.

The reducer in ‘useReducer’ comes from Redux, which in flip borrowed it from JavaScript’s Array.cut back().

It carries an preliminary state and a reducer operate as its arguments after which supplies a state variable and a dispatch operate to allow us to replace the state. If you happen to’re acquainted with how Redux updates the shop by reducers and actions, then you definately already know the way useReducer works. And if not, then additionally we’ll study useReducer performance in core.

So principally, what’s useReducer Hook?

The useReducer hook is used for advanced state manipulations and state transitions.  Similar to the opposite React hooks, we are able to import useReducer from react as proven within the under snippet:

import React,  useReducer  from 'react';

React.useReducer is a React hook operate that accepts a reducer operate, and an preliminary state.  

const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, initialState);

This hook operate returns an array with 2 values. The primary one is the state worth, and the second worth is the dispatch operate which is additional used to set off an motion with the assistance of array destructuring.  

Within the context of React, right here’s what a typical useReducer sample seems to be like:


const reducer = operate (currentState, motion) // Make a brand new state primarily based on the present state and motion return newStateconst [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, initialValue)[Text Wrapping Break]// instance utilization:[Text Wrapping Break]dispatch(sort: “SOMETHING_HAPPENED”)[Text Wrapping Break]// Or with an elective “knowledge”:[Text Wrapping Break]dispatch(sort: “SOMETHING_HAPPENED”, knowledge: newData)

Be aware: The “state” will be of  any variety. It doesn’t must be an object at all times. It might be a quantity, or an array, or the rest.

Fairly cool? Now let’s transfer additional and perceive methods to use useReducer.

Find out how to use the useReducer Hook?

Earlier we noticed the fundamental useReducer which takes up two arguments: preliminary state and a reducer operate. However useReducer hook truly takes up yet one more argument together with reducer and preliminary state which is >>> a operate to load the preliminary state lazily.

That is normally useful once we need the preliminary state to be totally different relying on some state of affairs and as a substitute of utilizing our precise state, we may create the preliminary state anyplace, maybe dynamically, and it’ll override the preliminary state.

Syntax for the third argument is:

const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, initialArgs, init); 

Let’s now perceive step-by-step methods to use useReducer and perceive what’s occurring behind the deck.

Contemplate the next basic instance of code to see the sensible utilization of useReducer:


// Let’s start to outline the preliminary state of the part's state

[Text Wrapping Break]const initialState = [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]// Here's a operate will decide how the state is up to date

[Text Wrapping Break]operate reducer(state, motion) [Text Wrapping Break]  swap(motion.sort) [Text Wrapping Break]    case 'INCREMENT':[Text Wrapping Break]      return  depend: state.depend + 1 [Text Wrapping Break]    case 'DECREMENT':[Text Wrapping Break]      return [Text Wrapping Break]    case 'REPLACE':[Text Wrapping Break]      return [Text Wrapping Break]    case 'RESET':[Text Wrapping Break]      return [Text Wrapping Break]    default:[Text Wrapping Break]      return state[Text Wrapping Break]  [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]// Now inside our part, we are able to initialize the state like under

[Text Wrapping Break]const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, initialState);

Within the above code snippet , we now have  

  • first outlined an preliminary state for our part
  • added a reducer operate that updates that state relying on the motion dispatched and,
  • we now have lastly initialized the state for our part.

Now as promised earlier, you don’t require an understanding of Redux to know this idea. So let’s break down every thing and see what’s occurring.

The initialState variable

That is the default worth of our part’s state when it will get mounted for the primary time inside the applying.

The reducer operate

The subsequent step is to replace the part’s state when some actions happen. This operate tells what the state ought to include relying on the motion. It returns an object, which is then used to interchange / change the state.

It takes in two arguments that are a state and an motion; whereby state is nothing however your utility’s present state, and the motion is an object which comprises the small print of all of the actions presently occurring.

An motion could sometimes appear like this:

const replaceAction = 

It normally comprises a kind: which denotes what sort of motion it’s. An motion may include multiple knowledge, which will also be the brand new worth to be up to date within the state.

Dispatching an motion

Now after understanding in regards to the reducer and the way it determines the subsequent state for our part by actions, let’s see how actions are dispatched.

Dispatch is rather like a operate which we are able to move round to different elements by props.

You need to have seen that useReducer returns two values in an array. The primary one is the state object, and the second is a operate known as dispatch. That is what’s used to dispatch an motion.

For instance, if we need to dispatch replaceAction outlined within the above instance, we’d do one thing like this:

dispatch(replaceAction)[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]// or[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]dispatch()

Summarising a bit right here, therefore for utilizing useReducer we want the next:

  • Defining an preliminary state
  • Offering a operate which comprises actions that may replace the state.
  • Set off useReducer to dispatch the up to date state

Understanding useReducer with examples

Let’s play with some actual examples now to know the idea higher:

Instance:1 Easy Basic Counter Instance

Let’s think about our Part is Counter. useReducer right here within the under code accepts as arguments a reducer operate, and an preliminary state worth.  

const Counter = () => [Text Wrapping Break]  const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, zero)[Text Wrapping Break]

On this case our state is an integer, which begins from zero:

The reducer is a operate that takes the present state and an motion, which generally is a worth of any sort you need. On this instance it’s a string:

const reducer = (state, motion) => [Text Wrapping Break]  swap (motion) [Text Wrapping Break]    case 'INCREMENT':[Text Wrapping Break]      return state + 1[Text Wrapping Break]    case 'DECREMENT':[Text Wrapping Break]      return state - 1[Text Wrapping Break]    default:[Text Wrapping Break]      throw new Error()[Text Wrapping Break]  [Text Wrapping Break]

We will use JSX to make this straightforward part work as under:

const Counter = () =>  

This state will be an object with ‘n’ variety of properties, however totally different actions solely change one property at a time.

Placing up all this collectively, our Babel will appear like:

const  useReducer  = React[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]const reducer = (state, motion) => [Text Wrapping Break]  swap (motion) [Text Wrapping Break]    case 'INCREMENT':[Text Wrapping Break]      return state + 1[Text Wrapping Break]    case 'DECREMENT':[Text Wrapping Break]      return state - 1[Text Wrapping Break]    default:[Text Wrapping Break]      throw new Error()[Text Wrapping Break]  [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]const Counter = () => [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]ReactDOM.render(<Counter />, doc.getElementById('app')) 

It is best to get the under output:

Example2: Let’s see one other TODO instance. To indicate checklist of things:

It was not doable to alter the state of an merchandise with the handler operate earlier. However nevertheless, we are able to now accomplish that, for instance if we have to make the checklist of things stateful we are able to accomplish that through the use of them as preliminary state for our useReducer hook by defining  reducer operate:

Contemplate the next JSX snippet for reducer:

import React from 'react';[Text Wrapping Break] [Text Wrapping Break]const initialTodo = [...];[Text Wrapping Break] [Text Wrapping Break]const todoReducer = (state, motion) => {[Text Wrapping Break]  swap (motion.sort) {[Text Wrapping Break]    case 'DO_TODO':[Text Wrapping Break]      return => [Text Wrapping Break]        if ( === [Text Wrapping Break]          return ;[Text Wrapping Break]         else [Text Wrapping Break]      );[Text Wrapping Break]    case 'UNDO_TODO':[Text Wrapping Break]      return => [Text Wrapping Break]        if ( ===  else [Text Wrapping Break]      );[Text Wrapping Break]    default:[Text Wrapping Break]      return state;[Text Wrapping Break]  }[Text Wrapping Break]};[Text Wrapping Break] [Text Wrapping Break]const App = () => ;[Text Wrapping Break] [Text Wrapping Break]export default App;

Now we are able to use the handler to dispatch an motion for our reducer operate.  

As a result of we want the id because the identifier of a todo merchandise to be able to toggle it,  we are able to move the merchandise inside the handler operate through the use of a encapsulating arrow operate as under:

const handleChange = todo => ;

 And enter will appear like:

<enter[Text Wrapping Break]    sort="checkbox"[Text Wrapping Break]    checked=[Text Wrapping Break]    onChange=() => handleChange(todo)[Text Wrapping Break]/>

Let’s now implement to verify our handler whether or not a todo merchandise is accomplished or not by the under situation:

const handleChange = todo => ;

 Placing up all this collectively, our part seems to be like:

import React from 'react';[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]const initialTodo = [[Text Wrapping Break]   ,[Text Wrapping Break]   [Text Wrapping Break]       id: 'b',[Text Wrapping Break]       job: 'Stroll over right here',[Text Wrapping Break]       full: false,[Text Wrapping Break]   ,[Text Wrapping Break]];[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]const todoReducer = (state, motion) => {[Text Wrapping Break]   swap (motion.sort) {[Text Wrapping Break]       case 'DO_TODO':[Text Wrapping Break]           return => );[Text Wrapping Break]       case 'UNDO_TODO':[Text Wrapping Break]           return => [Text Wrapping Break]               if ( === [Text Wrapping Break]                   return  ...todo, full: false ;[Text Wrapping Break]                else [Text Wrapping Break]           );[Text Wrapping Break]       default:[Text Wrapping Break]           return state;[Text Wrapping Break]   }[Text Wrapping Break]};[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]const App = () => [Text Wrapping Break]   const [todos, dispatch] = React.useReducer([Text Wrapping Break]       todoReducer,[Text Wrapping Break]       initialTodo[Text Wrapping Break]   );[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]   const handleChange = todo => [Text Wrapping Break]       dispatch([Text Wrapping Break]           sort: todo.full ? 'UNDO_TODO' : 'DO_TODO',[Text Wrapping Break]           id:,[Text Wrapping Break]       );[Text Wrapping Break]   ;[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]   return ([Text Wrapping Break]       <ul>[Text Wrapping Break]           [Text Wrapping Break]       </ul>[Text Wrapping Break]   );[Text Wrapping Break];[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]export default App;

 And right here is the Output:

Now the largest query is:

When can we use React.useReducer as a substitute of React.useState? The reply may be very easy and I’ll attempt to preserve it much more easy:

We will Use React.useReducer when —–

  • Your utility structure is advanced and large in dimension  
  • When the logic to replace state is tremendous advanced otherwise you need to replace state deep down in your part tree
  • The state worth is both an object or an array
  • You want a extra predictable, and maintainable state structure of the applying

And, we are able to Use React.useState when —–

  • Your utility is small
  • The state worth is a primitive worth
  • Easy UI state transitions
  • Logic will not be difficult and might keep inside one part


The useReducer hook is a pleasant addition to the React library which permits for a  easier, predictable and arranged option to replace our part’s state and makes sharing knowledge between elements a bit simpler.

It enables you to optimize the efficiency of the elements that set off deep updates as a result of now you possibly can simply move dispatch down as a substitute of typical callbacks.

And even should you take nothing else from this text, it is best to at the least bear in mind this: that useReducer permits us to outline how we replace our state worth.

Completely happy coding!

Completely happy coding!

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