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OnePlus confirms credit card hack of customers, up to 40,000 affected

List Of Devices Receiving Android Oreo Update In India-OnePlus 5
Buying OnePlus smartphones is as good as a time bomb. You never know which scam or hack is about to strike you next. Recently OnePlus confirmed at around 40,000 customers credit cards were hacked. Mainly affected are the customers who had given their credit card...

OxygenOS Open Beta based on Android Oreo for OnePlus 5T releasing soon

Last week OnePlus released Android Oreo for OnePlus 5, and this week it was hinted that OxygenOS Open beta based on Android Oreo for OnePlus 5T will be released soon. OnePlus has broken several promises in the past. A recent example is Oreo update...

OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5: What’s the Difference?

OnePlus 5T, the latest smartphone from OnePlus, with high-end specifications and a wider screen was launched on Thursday. If you were planning to buy OnePlus 5, then you are right on time for a even better OnePlus smartphone. Those who already bought OnePlus 5,...