It’s been nearly a week since our last Apple iPhone leak post. Hope you have read the previous leaks, if you did then here are some more. These leaks seem to be more genuine, so lets begin!

The Apple iPhone is expected to be launched on 12th September. Guess why? Because every iPhone is launched on one of the Tuesdays in September. Some even say it will be launched on 5th September which we feel is doubtful. If everything goes well then 12th September will be the day when iPhone 8 will be in-front of our eyes in USA, followed by 15th and 22nd in other countries. Hardly two weeks are left before we get to see this beast though not in our hands.

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We haven’t talked about this section at all in previous leaks. A tech website says that there will be three storage variants. They are 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. You read it right! 512 GB of local storage. You might be wondering why do we need so much storage when today’s world is moving to cloud storage. One convincing answer can be iPhone’s ability to shoot 4K videos at 60 fps and 1080p videos at 240 fps. Isn’t it convincing? If you still aren’t then Apple iPhone can even click HDR+ photos. These medias consume a lot of space. Again, there’s no official confirmation of 512 GB variant besides 64 GB and 256 GB.

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Who wants to sell their kidney? ¬†Wait! A pair wont be sufficient this time. The price is expected to be a lot more higher than previous versions. A popular tech website said that 64 GB variant will be available for $999, just short of $1 to make it $1000. The 256 GB variant may be priced at $1099 while the 512 GB at $1199. Who will buy such costly iPhone’s? A study has revealed that nearly 80% of the US population is ready to buy one. So Apple has created a market, now its time to know why will these iPhones be costly. Apple is nearly two years ahead of in-terms of innovation. With the support for Face-ID, Dual Cameras and wireless charging Apple iPhone does seem to prove its price point. We still aren’t sure about wireless charging capabilities if it’s going to be available in the box.

Apple Pencil

Apple had recently announced Apple Pencil. It can do advance functions just like Samsung S Pen. It’s not confirmed if the upcoming iPhone will support, we think Apple will enable this in future once everything gets stable. Sounds strange.


Official Leaks

Remember the L shaped battery and logic board we talked about? Its now officially confirmed by Apple insiders. The picture below shows one of the layers of L shaped logic board. It’s really compact and does give an opportunity to add more hardware. Another person claims that he has the actual iPhone 8. Its missing the physical home button, the front portion is extremely smooth and has completely different orientation.¬†iPhone 8 will have A11 processor.

Twitter Rumor

The photo below shows Apple Officials briefing them about iPhone 8. We doubt if it’s genuine because Apple is extremely strict about their employees.

One more picture that surfaced on Twitter was of Tim Cook with Apple iPhone 8.


That’s all! We have covered almost everything in the past few weeks. What do you feel iPhone 8 will be like? Will there be a 512 GB variant?

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