Savvydroid Transferred to New Host in 10 Minutes

My Google Cloud Credits were running out and I had no other option but to change hosting provider. Transferring 6GB of Savvydroid was an herculean task especially when my ISP was providing just 512 Kbps upload speed. With the power of Google Cloud and some linux knowledge, we achieved the impossible. Yes, it took just 10 minutes to transfer the entire website.

There are many tutorials on the internet which tell you how you can transfer a WordPress blog from one host to another. Two drawbacks of the post, 1) You have to create a backup, download it and then upload and restore on the new host. 2) If you intend to transfer the backup to Google Drive, S3 or Dropbox then free plugins do not offer this feature.

So how can you do it for free? All you need is an SSH Client and some Linux knowledge. Let’s begin.

  • Install All-in-one Wp Migration on your old WordPress blog
  • Create a Back-up of entire website
  • Access your old host using SSH Client. If you are using Cloud services like EC2, Compute Engine then you get built in SSH client. If the host doesn’t provide SSH feature then use PuTTy.
  • Once you access, navigate to WordPress folder. Usually it is /var/www/html, however depending on your host the location might vary. Use cd /var/www/html to navigate. Alternatively do ls -la to view the contents. You can also use FTP such has FileZilla so you can locate the folder.
  • Regardless of the WordPress folder , here on wards all the steps will remain same. Now navigate to backup folder using cd /home/savvydr3/public_html/wp-content/ai1wm-backups.
  • Copy the backup file to the root directory of WordPress folder. Use cp backup_filename.wpress /var/www/html
  • Go to your new host and install WordPress. Download
    All-in-one Wp Migration and install it. Note: You must use this version of All-in-one Wp Migration as newer version no longer supports local restoration of the backup.
  • Navigate to WordPress installation folder. It should be cd /var/www/html
  • Access the SSH console and type wget
    This command will fetch the backup from old host. It will take some time depending on the file size. I got 100 mbps speed, thanks to Google’s powerful servers.
  • Copy the backup file back to All-in-one Wp Migration folder using cp backup_filename.wpress /wp-content/ai1wm-backups
  • Refresh your new WordPress installation. Go to Dashboard->All-in-One WP Migration->Backups. You’ll see the backup file you just copied.
  • Hit Restore. Affirmative for everything it prompts.

If you are stuck at any point, please feel free to contact us on Instagram and Facebook. Check the end of this page for common issues that you might face.

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