Infinity displays become more and more infinity! It sounds like a slogan but if to take a closer look at their development, it is what it is. An obvious step in this evolution is a cutout in the screen without which it is difficult so far to achieve all the functions smartphone has. From now on BQ has such a screen just as well.

A model we are going to talk about today is called BQ Universe. Among other pleasant peculiarities, such as NFC, one may notice an unusual for this brand display design, which has a cutout for the first time.

Key feature

Due to the cutout, it became possible to make a display with height-to-width aspect ratio 19:9. Resolution is 1528 for 720 dots and a diagonal is 6 inches. Judging from the fact, that smartphone has no troubles with brightness and viewing angles, it was worked out well.

Android 8.0 soft optimization, installed “out of the box”, is beyond question from the perspective of an interface to float the cutout. Everything looks very well worked and of high quality.

There is a frame in the bottom part of the screen and in the upper part, a developer managed to lift a dynamic up as high that a cutout is needed for placement of selfie camera only. The cutout would not be needed if there was no camera.


The smartphone looks very unusual. On the one hand, its back wall sparkles in the beam light like a polished metal but in fact, it is plastic even though made very well. Due to that, a little mismatch appears to be between weight and layout. The smartphone looks like a metal or glass and feels easy in the hand. This is where it becomes clear what material the back wall is made of.

The unit is sealed and 3000 mA·h battery is already installed. Rocket slot for SIM-cards and memory cards are on the left, microUSB is under, the headphone jack is above, and buttons on the right. At that, the Power button has a very pleasant texture and makes it clear when a finger drops on it.


The smartphone works under the control of Qualcomm 8940 eight-core processor. Four power-efficient cores operate on a frequency of 1,1 GHz, and four powerful — on a frequency of 1,4 GHz. The processor is more than enough for everyday comfortable work with a smartphone. There was no stuttering during testing period or interface, browser or messengers stuttering.

There will be problems with critical games but for those who do not play games, BQ Universe productivity is going to be just right.

There are 3 Gb of dynamic storage, and 32 Gb of input, but there can be more with the help of microSD cards with volume to 128 Gb. Rocket slot for a memory card is combined. You will need to make a choice between a second SIM-card and a memory card.


Both smartphone cameras are single, in spite of the back one to look like a double one. The second peephole is actually a flash. Such a solution looks very harmonious.

Resolution of the main module is 13 CPU; however, there is a special mode in the standard application, which allows to increase detalization software-based and to raise a resolution to 64 CPU.

Manual mode followers are not going to be disappointed as long as there are many settings but the camera shots not bad in the automatic mode just as well. There was no obvious displacement of white balance during the testing period aside, as it happens with this price segment smartphones oftentimes.

The camera is able to shoot videos in Full HD, but there is no either optic or electronic stabilizer.

A selfie camera has a 16 CPU resolution, which allows making really good selfies. It stands to mention that the camera shoots good in backlight too. Sources do not appear to be that visible and a shot, in general, turns out to be quite harmonic.

Apart from standard photos and videos, a selfie camera is capable of taking panoramas and improves appearance for three parameters (eye size, skin, facial shape).

Other peculiarities

Among other peculiarities of the smartphone, NFC module is to mention, which allows using contactless payment, withdrawing from carrying out usual plastic cards.

Identification works with the help of fingerprints scanning, password input or face scanning, which is also there in BQ Universe.

About the author: Melisa Marzett writes guest posts and works at Smart Rewriting Service as her part-time job. She also works as an editor and writes a book, which is hoping to become a bestseller. She has always liked to read and listen to stories, which made her want to write herself.

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