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Smartphones have become a significant part of our lifestyle. Today, Android is the most preferred and affordable choice for customers with every budget. However, with so many intriguing models available in the market, buying an Android phone becomes a tough task. You might feel perplexed, finding it difficult to figure out the right one for you.

Moreover, if you want a smartphone with the latest updates and additional features, it might be a little expensive. The easiest solution to that is – EMI.

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Now, let’s check out how to choose the perfect Android phone for you. Here are a few essential tips below.  

Tip 1: Jot down your requirements   

A customer can have a long list of requirements while purchasing a new smartphone. For example, large screen, long battery life, pretty good camera, decent storage to keep the music collection, etc. Whatever they are, take a moment to note what you prefer. That’ll be easier to filter out the phones suitable for you.

Tip 2: Features you want

There are ample features installed in a smartphone, but all of us have our list of preferences. Make sure to choose accordingly.


  • Design: Many phones have a glass finish while others have a plastic one. Undoubtedly, the glass ones look classy, but they are quite fragile too and need proper maintenance. They tend to have smudges all over the surface quite easily. If you are planning to get a glass phone, use a protective case to prevent damages or smudges. Also, do not forget to check the fingerprint sensor if you need one.
  • Performance: Processor and RAM are the two most significant factors you should consider while choosing a smartphone. They determine how your phone will perform, in terms of power efficiency and speed. For example – if you need more power for games, opt for Snapdragon 835 processor in your Android model. Otherwise, MediaTek processors are good enough for light users. So, check these features carefully.
  • Screen: Try to invest in a full HD screen phone, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels. However, any Android phone with a minimum of 1080p or more will be quite sharp and a decent choice for anyone.
  • Updated version: Always try to get the latest Android version. The previous versions are good but as technology is advancing so fast, it’s better to opt for the newest ones.
  • Battery: Nowadays, removable batteries are gone! So, pick a battery that can keep up with your pace for a long time. In other words, always keep an eye on the mAh before selecting a particular Android phone. One tip would be – don’t go for the models whose battery life is less than 10 hours on single charge.
  • Camera: If you are a selfie person, then you are definitely looking for a good camera. But megapixels are not enough to judge a camera. So, check on the reviews and also, try out the camera yourself before buying the phone.
  • Storage: Storage space is usually not an issue nowadays as decent models offer minimum storage of 32GB. However, if you want the best, go for 64GB or more, if available. Some Android devices also have microSD card slot which is great for expanding storage space.


So, filter out all these requirements and choose the best Android phone on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network to avail instant finance and easy instalment options. Their hyperlocal shopping facility also enables you to receive doorstep delivery of your smartphone within a few hours. All you have to do is visit any of their partner stores located in over 950 Indian cities, select your preferred model and swipe the EMI Network Card to make the purchase. You can also enjoy minimal or no down payment and processing fees when you purchase with the EMI Network Card.

Hope this information was helpful!

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