Google Pixelbook may soon receive Windows 10 Certification

Google Pixelbook is one of the best laptop on the market today, but what holds it back is Chome OS. Now reports have emerged indicating that Google is working on getting the Pixelbook certified to run Windows 10, paving the way for users to work with Microsoft’s OS as an alternative on Google’s own hardware.

Google Pixelbook

The news arrives after an AltOS mode appeared in Chrome OS, indicating that Google has plans to support an alternative operating system on Pixelbooks. XDA Developers notes that the Chrome OS developers have been working on booting into Windows 10 previously, but these new mentions of certification shows that it’s less a side-project hack and more official. 

Its unlikely that Google will ship Pixelbooks with Windows OS pre-installed, but with this certification, that’s something that the company would be able to do.

It’s not a surprise

Pixelbook is somewhat anti-windows, Google set out to create a Windows alternative that heavily relies on web-based apps, meaning there’s nothing on your end to install and consume storage space. Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system that promises speedy performance, high security, and affordable devices.

Chrome OS supports Google Play and Android apps, and appearing on high-end machines like Google’s own Pixelbook. If AMD and Intel are teaming up to produce all-in-one chips and Radeon graphics co-exist with Nvidia GPUs in a single laptop, then Google tying with Microsoft isn’t a surprise.

Yes, there’s a lot of rivalry between these two, but Google apparently acknowledges Microsoft’s dominance in the PC market even though Google’s Chrome OS commands a large chunk of the educational sector. What do you think of Windows OS running on Pixelbook?

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