YouTube is the ultimate destination where we search for tutorials, movie trailers, music videos and even live streams. Great, but have you noticed the permissions which YouTube asks? Have you struggled to watch Videos on 2G network. Well I guess you should try NewPipe.


NewPipe: What is it?

NewPipe is a free YouTube client that delivers original YouTube experience on your smartphone without annoying ads and questionable permissions. I personally tested this app and since my phone is rooted, I ended up uninstalling YouTube which is installed as system app. Yes! The experience is just too good.


NewPipe: What’s new?

Almost everything is new. A bunch of developers have completely redesigned YouTube experience. Moreover, its open source and anyone is free to view the codes on GitHub. The app supports YouTube Red features like background playback, PiP mode and Zero ads. It also allows you to override your screen resolution. For example: If you are watching 480p video which is the maximum resolution of your device, then ViewPipe allows you to stream at resolutions greater than 480p!

Wait, there’s more before you try it. You can can change default resolution, popup resolution, video format and even audio format. If you don’t want to use ViewPipe’s built in audio player then it allows you to select external audio player as well. You can also download any YouTube videos. In short, the app has all the features of regular YouTube.

NewPipe: I hate White colour of YouTube

Don’t worry, NewPipe’s theme can be changed. There are three themes available, Dark as default, Light and Black. You can change it by going to ViewPipe’s Settings->Appearance->Theme

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NewPipe: Here’s what I liked the most

The app supports gestures like those in VLC. Swiping on the left side of the screen changes the brightness while on the right side you can change the volume. A cool feature that I want to see in Standard YouTube as well. It’s really handy when you want to change the brightness without leaving the video.

Is the app safe?

Considering the permissions the app asks, it is absolutely safe. Initially it asks only one permission i.e to know the apps installed on the device. This is not much of a concern as most apps ask that and it doesn’t harm your privacy. It’s worth noting that you won’t find this app on Play Store because of its ad free and other features.


What about my subscriptions? Since you don’t need to sign in the app you have to manually import a file from YouTube. It’s a simple step and the app has on-screen instructions that will guide you. Do note that NewPipe currently doesn’t allow you to record and upload videos.

Regular YouTube and even YouTube Red doesn’t support changing of sound pitch but NewPipe allows you to change to whichever pitch you want. Just move the slider until you are satisfied. Trust me, the app works butter smooth and doesn’t buffer on 2G network (240p).

Who should use NewPipe?

I will recommend this app to

  • Who are annoyed by ever increasing YouTube Ads.
  • Those who want background playback and Picture-in picture mode support
  • Users who want a themed YouTube
  • Users Searching for a replacement for Music streaming apps
  • Data usage conscious users
  • Permission freakers

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