Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has no easy task steering the company well past the era of its personal computing dominance, through the current cloud and mobile-oriented period and into the AI and possibly VR driven future.

Microsoft joined the Linux Foundation nearly two years ago, and more than 15 years after former CEO Steve Ballmer labeled Linux “a cancer.” The hostility between Microsoft and Linux is well and truly over, and developers and businesses are now reacting to the new era of Microsoft acquiring GitHub. “This is pretty good news for the world of Open Source and we should celebrate Microsoft’s smart move,” says Jim Zemlin, the executive director at the Linux Foundation.

Microsoft buys out GitHub for their own good

For Microsoft the deal is a homecoming. It used to be a kind of GitHub itself. When Windows, its flagship operating system, ruled computing in the 1990s, developers flocked to it. But the firm lost its role as the main hub for programmers when it got a late start on the internet, fought open-source and missed mobile computing. Microsoft kept pushing Windows everywhere though the world had moved on. This only changed when Mr Nadella took the helm in 2014. He has re-established Microsoft as a firm of platforms, but on a higher level. One such is cloud computing, where it is now a strong number two behind Amazon. LinkedIn, which Microsoft took over in 2016, is another. The social network provided it with access to the range of connections between professionals (the “social graph” in geek) and lots of data. GitHub has to be seen in the same light. Microsoft already uses the service for much of its own software and developers may now be more inclined to write software for the firm’s cloud, Azure.

Microsoft Buys GitHub
Latest Acquisitions By Microsoft

The deal has given Microsoft a push in the race among tech giants to become the first company worth $1trn. Its share price jumped by 1% on the news—investors believe in Mr Nadella’s rationale. In late May its market capitalisation had already briefly passed that of Alphabet, Google’s parent. The winner on current trends will most likely be Apple, but Microsoft and Amazon are now at the same level—not bad for a firm that by tech-industry standards is as old as the hills.

Satya Nadella- The New Tech Idol

Microsoft is a different kind of company under Nadella than it was just a few years ago. It’s working to get its software in IoT devices like drones, support companies with cloud services, and improve its enterprise software. Retail consumers aren’t exactly an afterthought, but Microsoft is starting to look more like IBM than Apple.

Nadella set out to do two things: Maintain what Microsoft is good at, which is build new technology, but also get the company’s teams to work together rather than hold each other hostage.

Microsoft Buys GitHub
Microsoft Acquisition Of GitHub

Since Nadella took the reins, Microsoft has added $250 million to its market cap, even as it’s added and expanded support for rival platforms at Apple, Google, and Linux. And even long-time Microsoft veterans praise Nadella’s leadership style.

In the end, Nadella has made a profound impact in the lifestyle of Microsoft, taking it to new heights and also competing to be the top brand in the world. It’s a must needed step to gain back its popularity which it lost in the current era of Open Source environment.

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