WhatsApp has registered a new domain wa.me that allows users to open a chat without visiting the app. Basically the domain is a shortlink of api.whatsapp.com and users will need to update their app to Android version 2.18.138 to use this feature.

How to open a chat using wa.me?

Users need to type https://wa.me/(phone number) in the browser and hit the search button. WhatsApp will verify the number and then open the chat in the app. If your friends mobile number is 91-1234567890 then enter https://wa.me/911234567890. Its important to enter the country code and correct phone number, else you will get an error.

Enter the link and number

The feature is handy for business users as it helps customers to directly contact the organisation through WhatsApp. We had mentioned another workaround few weeks back which used api.whatsapp.com. But now wa.me has simplified the process.

Facebook-owned app updated its ‘Terms of Service and Privacy Policy’ ahead of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect in Europe on May 25. Soon, the messaging service will allow users to download the data it collects.

WhatsApp is also rolling out stickers soon. If you go open WhatsApp directory in file manager you will find WhatsApp Stickers folder. WhatsApp is currently working to improve the Sticker feature before the release. The new feature groups two stickers in a row. The feature is very useful because it will help users save space in the chat if he/she sends more than one sticker.

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