An Easy Guide to Port TWRP Recovery to your device

Ever thought of flashing Custom ROM’s or mods? Then the first thing you must do is install a custom recovery like TWRP, CWM or Philz. In recent times, TWRP has extended its official support to many devices. Newer versions of TWRP has several improved features like faster flashing, decrypting data etc. So today we will be teaching you how to port a TWRP recovery from one device to another.

We have made a video on TWRP porting. For better understanding on how to use the tools we recommend you to watch the video. If you have knowledge about porting then this guide is good enough else check the video for the complete steps from scratch.


  1. This guide works only if the kernel of both devices are the same. For example, TWRP Of a device with 3.18.74 kernel can be ported to a device that has the same kernel. So make sure you check this out.
  2. Also, this guide is exclusively for MediaTek chipset devices.


  1. Carliv Image Kitchen
  2. Winmerge
  3. Notepad ++

Other Requirements

  1. Base Recovery ( The recovery that was originally ported/compiled for a device)
  2. Port Recovery (The recovery that you want to port to)
  3. Brain

Guide To Port TWRP Recovery to your Android Device

  1. Firstly unpack the recovery.img file of both stock & port using Carliv Image Kitchen.
  2. Copy the below file from Stock to Port TWRP recovery folder:-
    • recovery.img-kernel
  3. Inside Ramdisk Folder copy these files from Stock to Port TWRP recovery. Replace it if prompted
    • meta_init.rc
    • meta_init.project.rc
    • meta_init.modem.rc
    • ueventd.rc
    • ueventd.goldfish.rc
  4. Now open the fstab from (ramdisk->etc->recovery.fstab) of both stock & port recovery.
  5. Correct the mount points in port recovery.fstab as per your device. (Check Video)
  6. Now Compare the default.prop file with your stock default.prop by using WinMerge and correct them.(As Shown in Video)

Video Guide by Shubham Patil:

Found this guide useful? Spread the knowledge with your friends so that they can also port TWRP for their device.

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