URL shorteners are often used in Facebook, Instagram and other social media posts. The sole purpose of URL shortener is to make links more manageable. An article or a post that has several long URL will often dis-appeal its look. It is always a good practice to use URL shortener as it is easy to remember. So which URL shortener should you use?

Before we begin, lets put some light on different types of URL shorteners. There are two types of URL shorteners, paid and unpaid ones. The paid URL shortener pays the user every time a visitor click on the shortened URL. The visitor will then be served with Ads and based on the engagement the shortened URL owner gets paid. Unpaid shortener are the ones that directly lead the visitor to the desired destination without any Ads. Lets find out which are the best URL shortener available.

Here are the Top 5 URL Shorteners:

  1. bit.ly
  2. goo.gl
  3. gg.gg
  4. tinyURL
  5. ow.ly


Almost everyone might have heard about this service. Bitly allows you to shorten any URL instantly. Each shortened URL can then be tracked and analysed if you have a Bitly account. Bitly is popular because every link comes with its own stat page where you can access statistical information such as the the number of clicks your link has has recorded, the percentage of total clicks that came from your Bitly link, and the total clicks on all Bitly links that point to the same information or content.

Top 5 URL Shortener (No Ads)

Bit.ly features

  • Shorten and brand the links you share
  • Track individual link analytics
  • Gather audience intelligence
  • Measure campaign performance in one location
  • Collect insights on your performance
  • Optimize your marketing efforts
  • Give context to the click


Why use Goo.gl when there are so many alternatives?  Well, if you use an URL shortener from Google, you don’t run into potential SEO (Search Engine Optimization) problems with your links. Once you shorten the link, you can share it anywhere you like. You can keep a track of how many people have clicked on it, and a few more details. It also offers you to hide shortened links from dashboard though it doesn’t delete. 

Top 5 URL Shortener (No Ads)

Goo.gl features

  • Shorten any url
  • Track analytics
  • Hide URL
  • Helps understand audience from reports


Good Game.Good Game? May be, may be not. But what makes gg.gg standout is its simple UI. Any beginner can shorten a lengthy URL easily. If you register an account then gg.gg allows you to modify the shortened URL of your choice. Consider, gg.gg/abcdefg, you can change it to gg.gg/savvydroid. Many URL shortners like TinyURl and Bitly also has this feature.

Top 5 URL Shortener (No Ads)

gg.gg features

  • No ads
  • 301 Redirect ( Better for Your SEO )
  • Ability to choose a custom shortened URL
  • Quick “share” links for Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed
  • Ability to track visitors
  • URL shortener chrome extension
  • URL shortener firefox extension
  • Extensions for Opera


TinyURL is popular as it can be embedded in any websites to generate short URL instantly. Just place a few lines of HTML code and you are all set. Any user visiting your website will then be able to shorten a URL right from the website without leaving the page.  With TinyURL, you can also make a smaller URL that will work for any page on your site.

Top 5 URL Shortener (No Ads)

TinyURL features:

  • Custom short URL
  • HTML to embed in your website
  • Toolbar button
  • Simple UI


Owly is an URL shortening service that has robust sharing feature. Free users can shrink unlimited URLs but features will be limited. Using your Twitter account, you can instantly share tweets of websites you feel need the attention but are too long for a practical use. As you only have so many characters in Twitter, having a shorter URL allows you to put in more descriptive information.

Images can be uploaded to Ow.ly and used as links as well. This allows Twitter users and others to see the image which opens up onto Ow.ly’s website. Make sure you check the limitations of free account. The Ow.ly application connects to another service offered called Hootsuite. This app connects to your social media accounts for easy management and monitoring of all of them from a single location.

Top 5 URL Shortener (No Ads)

Ow.ly features

  • Twitter sharing
  • Images as links
  • Uploading of files
  • much much more (check here)

There are thousands of URL shortening websites out there. Always choose an URL shortener that has analytics feature as it helps you understand the traffic to a great extent. These were our top 5 favorites. What are yours?

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