Tech giant Google announced the launch of Google Play Instant for Android. It allows the users to tap and try a game without having to download it first. As per the latest update, games such as Clash Royale, Words with Friends 2 and other select games is available for trials and download on Google Play Store, Google Play Games app, or wherever game links are shared.

How does the ‘Play Instant’ work?

Google Play Instant Provides Android User With Demo Games
Google Play Instant Gameplay

Play Instant works by allowing users to run a small part of the game online via the Play Store even if the game is not installed on their smartphones. The gameplay will be limited to a few minutes only. However, in those few minutes users will get to play the real game. They can see if the controls, visuals, gameplay are worth downloading the original game. Game developers have been offering demos of console and PC games for years, providing users with limited access to certain elements only, but it was enough to help users make a decision. Instant Apps can be leveraged by developers to provide a similar experience to users on Android smartphone.

Google Play Instant Provides Android User With Demo Games
Android Instant Apps

To make Instant Apps more compatible with games, Google needed to update some APIs so they’d work better for that context — including working better with OpenGL. Google is working with both Unity and Cocos to provide IDE support for Instant Apps later this year. The program is still in a closed beta for now. It’s meant to open up to a broader set of developers later this year.

Savvydroid’s Take

This can come in handy for premium games with a hefty price tag. The other advantage of Play Instant is that it doesn’t waste time on downloading the entire game. Neither you have to put efforts to set up the profile or avatar. Games with large file sizes can take a long time to download and if the phone is running low on memory, some other games or apps need to be removed to create adequate space.

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