Reliance Jio DTH reportedly not coming anytime soon

Reliance Jio has been a hot topic ever since it launched its services in India. The company offers unlimited data and voice calls at damn cheap rates. There were speculations of Jio entering DTH market too, but according to a latest clarification Jio said it is not planning to move ahead with the launching of its Jio DTH services in India.

Jio DTH, is it real?

Last year there were leaks about Jio Set-top-Box. Many fake website were rising prompting users to enter their email id and mobile number for registration. Earlier reports suggested the Jio DTH set-top box is still in the testing phase where the company is experimenting to add features such as catch-up TV, Android platform, and voice-enable setup. The remote of set-top-box looked similar to the one for Google Chromecast.

Reliance Jio DTH reportedly not coming anytime soon

The Jio set-top-box is said to convert any HDMI TV into a smart one, run popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, Voot and Jio’s own JioTV and JioCinema. Jio DTH will offer users access to Jio Store and Google Play Store to download any apps. According to the rumors, the set-top-box come with 16GB of onboard storage along with support for an external hard drive up to 2TB capacity. The design of the Jio DTH resembles that of Google Home while the connectivity options were rumoured to include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN port, HDMI, and SPDIF port. One key feature for it’s success is the ability to convert normal TV to a smart TV.

The clarification was much needed from Jio as there has been a significant rise in phishing. Earlier rumors about Jio’s own cryptocurrency, JioCoin broke the internet. Everyone were in a hustle to buy the cryptocurrency, it stopped only after the company said that all such apps are fake and the users must not deal with any of them.

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