In 2019, Samsung will be launching its tenth installment of Galaxy S Series. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the most powerful and have serious upgrades like iPhone X. Before we begin here’s an update, Samsung Galaxy S9  and Galaxy S9+ sale has begun. Its hardly three weeks and there’s so much going on about Galaxy S10. Lets find out what the 10th flagship device from Samsung has to offer.

Samung Galaxy S10 Features

According to reports, Israeli startup Manis Vision is teaming up with Samsung in pushing for a new 3D sensing camera algorithm that would reportedly be used to create a face recognition technology similar to Apple’s Face ID tech. For those who don’t know, Namuga currently supplies Samsung with camera modules for its low-end and mid-range smartphones, such as the Galaxy A and Galaxy J, but the firm may be due to move up to the high-end line next year. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 has facial recognition but the fact that it doesn’t have a dedicated sensor like in iPhone X means it might not be very secure. Further, Samsung is planning to add under-display fingerprint sensor – last seen on Vivo X20 Plus UD and expected on the Vivo X21. One good news is that Samsung is not omitting fingerprint recognition by adding Facial recognition, like we saw in iPhone X.

Daniel says Samsung could “have a tough year ahead” and faces “Everest-like growth challenges”. He also predicted we’ll see smartphones – including the Galaxy S9 – “hover” around the £900/$900 price range, undercutting Apple’s pricey £999 iPhone X.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is shaping up to become an interesting offering from the South Korean giant. Previous reports indicate that the next-generation Galaxy S-series device will pack a 7nm chipset and 5G connectivity.

Finally, Samsung is also tying up with Qualcomm, Synaptics, and Aegis Technologies to develop image sensors for the upcoming tenth-generation Galaxy S9 successor. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release date

It is too early to predict, but given the trend that Samsung follows we might find S10 at MWC 2019, followed by official release in respective countries. But before that lets concentrate on upcoming Galaxy Note 9

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