Coding Isn't Difficult Let Us C

Software programming languages is a new form and mode of communication among the millennial. Coding has now become a necessity to explore, redefine and customize the living or non-living world around you. But there exist a myth “Coding is difficult…” or “It’s only for the smart-ones“. I really don’t understand why people still believe that they are not capable of learning a coding language. So for those of you who fear coding, I would like to share with you my journey of how I got into coding and how it actually changed my life. In this new segment, Coding Isn’t Difficult , I will share my personal journey about “How I started with coding in a particular language” and also provide you with a basic guide for adopting the new language. So let’s go for a tour of Coding Isn’t Difficult : Let Us ‘C’.

When I realize that ‘C’ is more than a letter

Coding Isn't Difficult Let Us C
Let Us C- Yashwant Kanetkar

When I was 14 , I saw my first C program. My sister was working on her PC and her typing speed was so fast, that was really intimidating for me. I saw something very unusual. There were 2 programs, one had a length of almost 50-60 lines and other was just 30 lines. But the first one would just ask for some number and then display another number, that’s it, nothing more. The second one (which was considerably short) displayed a beautiful pattern of asterisk(*- Commonly known as “Star”) . I was in great confusion. Upon asking her, she said and I quote “This things are not for you, take your textbook and study for mains”. You see I had the first taste of how brutal the world is..*laughs loudly*.

This incident didn’t stop me nor my curious nature from exploring the depth of programming languages. I had a choice, either study “Reproduction in flowers” or learn something real cool and show off to my friends. So I made the right choice(hopefully…) . I bought my first C programming book called-‘Let Us C- By Yashwant Kanetkar‘ . If you are familiar with C language or if you know someone who codes in C language, for them Yashwant Kanetkar is the same as Steve Jobs for smartphones.

With access to internet(Only for educational purpose) and the textbook ‘Let Us C’, I felt so different and kinda superior than other children of my age. My first program, same as for any new programmer, was “Hello World” *eyes filled with tear of joy…* . Than I went of making advancements from “Hello World” to “Hello Biswas“. When my mother saw, she was so happy that I made some productive use of my free time. Nevertheless , I also showed my sister that she still lacks programming skills and needs a tutor like me *Received a flying chappal*. From that time till now, I never got tired of coding. I still show off to my friends and call myself as Advance.

How can you go about with ‘C’

To start off, there are few things one should ponder upon. This includes whether or not you know how to use a computer. (If you are reading this article than surely you can use the computer) *laughs..*

Coding Isn't Difficult Let Us C
Hello World – Turbo C
Coding Isn't Difficult Let Us C
Hello World- Visual Studio

The mandatory factors that help you in learning C is :

  1. Knows how to use Visual Studio (Initially use Turbo C).
  2. Get a printed copy of a textbook(recommended over any soft-copy for beginners).
  3. Go through online learning videos. Visit online tutorial hubs(I will mention some links in the end).
  4. Don’t hesitate to seek help from your friends (or enemies).
  5. Dedicate at least an hour to programming everyday.

Once you adapt to the things mentioned above, You are all set to start with your learning curve. Coding in C isn’t difficult nor you will get bored. Trust me when I say that C language is a must for every programmer. I truly believe that C language plays a crucial role in building up the so called “programming skills” in you. 

My journey with C has been amazing and I still feel I need a lot to learn. I still have the same level of enthusiasm as it was 7 years ago, when I got the output of my first C program.

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