WhatsApp Launches It's New Feature For Android Beta Users

WhatsApp has finally released slew of new features which include Group description, Voice to video call switching and group search.  However, voice to video call switching was introduced for iOS users a month back. Some features are released only for Android users. Lets find out how to use each of these new features

WhatsApp Group Description

A much needed feature that indicates the purpose of the group. Any member of the group can add a description to the group. Once the description is added, it will be visible to all the members including the admin at the top of the chat. And, it will also be visible to the members below the Group Name in Group Info section. The Group Description will also be visible when inviting someone via the group’s invite link.

WhatsApp introduces Group Description, Voice to Video call switching and Group Search
group search

WhatsApp Voice to Video call switching

Earlier if you wanted to switch from a video to voice call or vice versa, you had to cut the call and then do a voice call again. But in the new update, WhatsApp has added an option to switch the mode within a call.

To switch from video call to a voice call, all you have to do is tap on the voice call button at the bottom in the center. After that, tap on ‘Switch’ when asked for a confirmation. This will send a switch request to the person at the other end of the call. If he accepts the request, only then will the video call switch to voice call.

The opposite also works the same. However both users need to tap video call button.

WhatsApp Group Search

A cool feature that will significantly reduce our time in searching group members. Go to group info section and you will find a magnification glass button. Now enter the name or number of the participant who you want to search. This new feature is really handy when the entire group gets full and you want to find a participant.

More features for iOS users

While Android is still getting this features, iOS users have already got time and location stickers which can be accessed from by tapping the smiley icon when editing a photo or video. Meanwhile, the group description has also been rolled out for them. 

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