Samsung recently unveiled 4K QLED TVs that comes with Ambient feature. The feature is really impressive and the TV camouflages to perfectly blend with your wall. All you have to is take a photo of it along with its surroundings. Ambient Mode then analyses this image to create a unique screensaver that matches the wall around it, meaning all that’s left visible is the thin bezel.

Samsung 4K QLED TV

Sounds super crazy, but this is what will be the trend in 2018 and future. The 55 inch TV often looks awkward on the wall with the black panel. Samsung has revolutioniszed this by introducing the ambient display feature.

Given the in-person results of Samsung’s Frame TV, which was unveiled last year and allowed you to display art on your TV while it was dormant, it’s unlikely that Ambient Mode will be as perfect as you’d like. Due to various environmental circumstances like texture and ambient light, you’re definitely still going to be able to notice the TV on the wall, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction and a very neat little feature.

A built-in timer turns the unit off completely to save electricity. In addition to “Ambient Mode,” the QLED will offer home connectivity via the SmartThings app. The ambient feature is not cheap. Five models will range in size from 49″ to a massive 88″. Official prices haven’t been set, but expect to spend up to $20,000 for the biggest and best QLED money can buy.

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