Speed up your phone using this Lite apps

As newer Android versions are released, the smartphones running older Android versions might start slowing down. This is because newer Android versions support more features and developers try to incorporate these features in their app. Also, the apk size of applications on Play Store has substantially gone up.

It’s just not possible to stop using the apps as it is slowing down the phone. You won’t uninstall Skype or LinkedIn if you are using it on daily basis. Over the last few months, there has been a massive growth in Lite apps. So what are Lite apps? These are apps that provide some, if not all the features of standard Android apps and are optimised to run on smartphones with low RAM and internal storage.

One disadvantage of Lite apps is the experience. Consider Facebook Lite, the UI is boring and lacks some major features of normal Facebook app. 

So why install Lite apps instead of standard apps?

  1. These apps are designed to occupy less internal storage and RAM
  2. Lite apps consume lesser battery
  3. They are fast, but at the cost of experience (If you don’t mind)
  4. Works even on slow internet connections
  5. Helps to save data as there are lesser animations and features

Which are the Lite apps on Play Store?

  • Facebook Lite
  • Messenger Lite
  • OLA Lite
  • CM Security Lite
  • Clean Master Lite
  • 360 security Lite
  • YouTube Go
  • Maps Go
  • Files Go
  • Google Go
  • Assistant Go
  • LinkedIn Lite
  • Skype Lite
  • Shazam Lite
  • LINE Lite

For more Lite apps check here

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