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The much awaited Android P Developer Preview 1 has finally released. Considering the recent reports Android P arrive in the second or third week of March. Major highlights of this Android Version is that it focuses more on Kotilin coding,machine learning, and application compatibility.

Android P New Features

Every new release of Android comes with many new and different features from the previous release. Let’s take a look at some of the new features in Android P.

Multi-camera Support: Android P Developer Preview 1 adds a new multi-camera API. with the new multi-camera API on Android P, third-party app developers can make more use of the front and rear dual cameras. “The API also allows you call a logical camera stream that automatically switches between two or more cameras.”

Performance: Android runtime of  Android P serves enrichment that uses execution profiles that will allow developers to optimise apps and reduce wastage of app code.

Notification: Android P introduces many improvements to notifications, worked with Google. The new changes focus on increased functionality and visibility of notifications, now show photos, conversations, smart replies and stickers.Users can directly view more information from the notification bar like photos and stickers etc.

Battery Percentage on ‘always-on display: With Android P, There is an always on display which appears at the bottom centre of the screen.

Security: Security design of  Android P will check inactive apps from accessing mic and camera.

Android P, will my device get it?

Currently only Pixel devices support Android P. Moreover there won’t be any OTA update as of now since it is under beta testing. Developers will have to  flash system images manually on their devices

Android P developer Preview download

You can download Android P system images or install the Android Emulator from the Android website.

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