Welcome back peeps! Its been more than a week since our last creative content. So today we decided to list out 5 things you can do with your old smartphone. On an average, a user replaces his smartphone once in two years. If it’s a flagship then maximum of 4 years. Have you ever wondered how can you use your old smartphone to its best use?/

Some might prefer exchanging it with newer ones, but at times the buyback value is significantly less than our expectations. Selling on OLX or Quickr might be another option, but again we recommend you to rethink after reading this post.

5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone


Smartphones consume a lot of battery and heavy users might need to charge twice or thrice per day. Why not use the old smartphone as powerbank? Buy an OTG cable and use your regular USB cable to connect it to your smartphone. Viola!! But make sure the OTG cable is inserted into the old smartphone, else you may end up reverse charging it.

5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone

This might not be as effective as standalone powerbank but still it is sufficient to give that much needed additional juice to your new smartphone at times. Also, powerbank cost quite a lot. A 10,000 mAH powerbank costs at least Rs 800.


Might sound lame, but if your old smartphone has good internal storage then you can use it as a secondary storage. USB drives are prone to viruses whereas smartphones cant be attacked by a virus because it is based on Linux (Android). So, even if your friend’s pen drive is infected by those annoying shortcut virus you can copy it in your old smartphone freely.

Note: Don’t forget to carry a USB cable

5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone


Time and again it has been proven that smartphones consume less battery on Wi-Fi than mobile data. You can use the old device as a portable hotspot. The idea is to extend the battery of your primary smartphone by connecting to the hotspot of your old smartphone. LTE support is always an added advantage. After all JioPhones doesn’t support Wi-Fi hotspot.

So, instead of buying JioFi you can always use your old smartphone as an alternative.

5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone

4.Door front camera

Ever thought of installing a CCTV camera but didn’t have adequate budget? Try IP Webcam, a video surveillance app that remotely transfers the video to your local Wi-Fi or even internet. All you have to is install the app and press capture button. The video can be accessed via the browser using the IP address generated by the app.

The app also has an option to convert the device into dedicated IP camera. Once you enable this, the device will automatically run IP Webcam after every boot. Sounds cool?

5.Mining Cryptocurrency

Mining Bitcoins can be very hard if you don’t have a good hardware. But there are so many cryptocurrencies out there that can be easily mined. Consider Bytecoin, all you have to do is create a Bytecoin wallet and download this app. Currently, Bytecoin costs less than $0.003, but who knows when it will twin charge like Bitcoin.

Yes, mining cryptos can harm your device as it pushes the hardware to its limit. We suggest you not to mine for more than 8 hours per day. The power cost is marginal as you will be using a smartphone. However, if you want to earn some extra income we suggest you to mine sustain-ably.

Do you have other ideas where old smartphones can be used? Let us know in the comments.

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