Huawei Mate SE Improved Version Of Honor 7X

Huawei has had a pretty complicated start to 2018. First, it had a deal to sell its flagship Mate 10 Pro via AT&T scuppered at the last-minute. Its attempts to sell the phone with retailers were then embroiled in a controversy over suggestions that the Chinese company had recruited people to leave fake reviews for the handset on Best Buy.

The most recent blow to the company occurred when six US intelligence chiefs recommended against using Huawei phones due to the company’s alleged links to the Chinese government. However, this hasn’t stopped Huawei releasing phones in the US and its latest, the Mate SE, has just been made available unlocked via major retailers.

Huawei Mate SE Improved Version Of Honor 7X
Huawei SE Mate

Huawei Mate SE Specs

The device looks almost identical to the previously released Honor 7X, though it houses some improved specifications. Its display size measures 5.9 inches and it comes with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Its full-HD+ resolution means it should offer solid visuals.

On the rear, you’ll find dual cameras, including one 16-megapixel sensor and another 2-megapixel sensor, matching the sensors you’ll find on the Honor 7X. On the front, Huawei included an 8-megapixel camera that the company says, will be ideal for selfies. You can also apply stickers and other effects to your selfies before you send them off to friends.

Inside, you’ll find the HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor. It’s backed by 4GB of RAM, instead of the 3GB of RAM you’ll find in the Honor 7X. Huawei’s Mate SE delivers 64GB of storage, doubling the Honor 7X. On the battery front, you’ll find a surprisingly large 3,340 mAh pack.

Huawei Mate SE Improved Version Of Honor 7X
Huawei Mate SE On Amazon

Buy Huawei Mate SE On Amazon

Huawei is currently selling its Mate SE on Amazon. You can pick up the metal handset and put it on the carrier network of your choosing. You can choose from a grey or gold version, though the latter has a white face instead of the black you’ll find on the grey option. Huawei’s suggested retail price on the Mate SE is $250, but Amazon is currently selling it for $230 with free shipping.

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