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Great! you clicked on this post because you might actually be bored of Instagram and Snapchat. isn’t any candy in case you are wondering, but it’s an app that has great potential to change the way we communicate. We found this app under “Early Access” section of Play Store and decided to give a free shout out.

iOS users, thankfully this app is available for you too. The app was recently released for Android users. is an instant video chat app that connects with people who have common interests. For example: You might be interested in Politics, all you have to do is select your interest as politics and hit the live button. Now people who match your interests will be able to see live broadcast.

Once you install the app, open and register an account, then you are all set to go live. The UI is pretty simple with grids neatly placed. There are three horizontal tabs at the bottom, first is to join a, second is to host your own and finally the profile where you can see stats. You have followers and following under profile section. Besides this there’s also “circles” where like-minded people like you can be added.

To get more audience for your hosted you can share it on twitter or any other social media platform. At-least three users must join your to go live. All connected users will be able to interact live. So next time you want to have a debate or aantakshari competition, try out

The app is relatively new to android and we did find some bugs. But considering the app to be still under development, we can expect it to be solved soon. At times the UI turned laggy, especially while setting up the account. Graphics aren’t that high quality but still its negotiable.

With never ending features being borrowed by Facebook from Snapchat, the social messaging platform is definitely get saturated., an app that is trying something new must be tried by everyone. So go ahead! let us know your experience about this app. Help grow this amazing app.

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