Smartphones have been revolutionizing at an alarming rate. Companies launch innovative smartphones every year, however the basic structure remains the same. When we say basic structure it refers to the design and placement of various hardware keys. It’s doesn’t make sense if we place power button below the phone.

Smartphones are designed in such a way that users hand can cover all part of the phone. Since there are more right handed people compared to left handed ones we often see some design changes in the smartphone.

For example: Some phones have volume rocker keys on the left while some have on the right. This clearly indicates our smartphone industry is divided. So coming back to the topic, we often see smartphones that have back button on the right. 

We have always been trained to go from left to right. A classic example is while writing on a notebook we move from left to right. Even video games like Contra, Aladdin and Mario all have been moving from left to right.

Why some smartphones have back button on the right?

Now comes a trend, wherein certain manufacturers place back button on the right. We wasted tonnes of hour in doing this research and finally could draw some conclusions. Dammit!! are you serious? A good example is Samsung that keeps embedding back button on the right. So why right?

One obvious reason is that smartphone screens are getting bigger. We now see 6-7 inch smartphones with 18:9 display aspect ratio. As the phone gets wider, people with tiny palms(no offence) find it difficult to reach the left back button. There have been many cases where users smartphone slipped because their hands were too short. We aren’t kidding!

Not only Samsung, but Xiaomi too does the same.Metal body often makes the smartphone slippery to hold, and this could be yet another reason why back button is placed on right. Check the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, it will also have back button on the right.

Does makes sense, isn’t it?


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