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When searching for images online, Google offered a very useful option in the form of a “View Image” button for each result. It meant you could click an image in the stream, then click the button to see the image full size without having to load anything else. However, the button is no more and it looks like we have Getty Images to thank, at least in part, for it being removed.

As Deccan Chronicle reports, changes to Google’s image search page were introduced yesterday and it seems to be a direct response to the complaints lodged against Google by photographers and publishers over images being stolen. The result being, it’s now more difficult to simply view an image found using a Google search.

‘View Image’ is no longer available

According to a tweet from Google, its pretty clear that this is not a glitch and is a solid move by Google. The tweet says :

However, The ‘Visit Page’ button remains, encouraging users to visit the source website. What this essentially means that in order to download a sought-after photo from the Internet, Google wants users to visit the websites that host these images and bring traction to their pages, thus aiding their businesses. It is also supposed to help with protecting copyrights and licenses of professional photographers and publishers.

How formidable is this move?

Google Image Search scraps the View Image Button
Google Image View Button

However, if you’re worried about the difficulties that Google has implemented in its image search engine, then fear not — there’s still a way to get your photos in the old way on PCs. Simply click on your favorite photo, right-click on it and select the ‘Open image in new tab’ button. The image will open in another tab from where you can do your standard ‘Right-click-to-save-as’ procedure. Most of you must have been following this procedure, which is why the removal of the button might not bother you. After all, Google still favors its users and it only requires them to be slightly smart.

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