Have a habit of taking screenshots of Instagram Stories? Better stop it as Instagram has started notifying users when you do so. This new feature has been borrowed from Snpachat, and currently it hasn’t been turned on for all users in order for Instagram to first analyse the response.

Instagram Story Screenshots

Next time you screenshot an Instagram story you will receive a pop-up warning that states “Next time you take screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see it”. Hmm, sounds embarrassing right?

A shutter symbol beside the “seen by” area in the bottom left corner indicating that a user has taken screenshot of your story. However, instead of sending notifications like in Snapchat, Instagram won’t do so. Users will know that their story has been snapped only if they manually check the “seen by” list.

Users were switching from Snapchat to Instagram so they could avoid screenshot alerts. But now the feature being rolled out on Instagram too, it’s time to find Instagram alternative.

The feature might not have been enabled for all. Also, there’s no way to find if it has been enabled for you until you and your friend manually try it out.

So how to screenshot without getting caught?

If you’re using your smartphone, you can throw your device into airplane mode, screencap the image in question (you’ll only see one or two stories before your offline device can venture no further), and toggle off airplane mode to continue browsing.

Otherwise you can use Instagram on desktop and simply use screenshot tool. The workarounds don’t necessarily make it more difficult to screencap, but they do add a few extra levels of complexity to capturing an image without letting its creator know.

What do you think about this feature? What feature will be borrowed by Facebook next from Snapchat?

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