Are you addicted to smartphone? Do you want to get rid of this addiction? We aren’t copying telemarketing strategy to promote contents, but here’s something really interesting. Thrive is an app that helps you control technology addiction to a great extent. Whether you are hooked up to a smartphone or an tablet, Thrive might help you here.

Thrive app

Before we begin tearing down the features, we want each users to share this post with your friends. Trust us, there are hundreds of similar apps on play store but there’s nothing like Thrive. Install this app only if you are determined to improve yourself. Okay,now lets proceed.

The app is under development and we at Savvydroid decided to give a shout out for this app. Once you download the app, open and give all necessary permissions. Based on your determination you can make the app function in two mode. The app forms an overlay, this means once either of the mode is activated, you won’t be able to exit. However, Thrive has kept in mind about your important calls and messages.

  1. Thrive Mode: This mode blocks all apps, notifications, calls and texts. However, calls and texts from people on your VIP list will always go through. During the setup, the app asks you to add contacts to VIP list
  2. Super Thrive Mode: Lets you take your commitment to the next level. That means you can’t access your phone or apps until Super Thrive Mode ends at the time you choose.

Wait! what if someone calls but you haven’t added them in VIP list? Don’t worry, Thrive has an Auto Reply feature that lets others know you’re taking time away from your phone, and when you are available again.

Besides this, the new app lets you know how much you use specific apps and monitors your usage. Another cool feature is App Blocking, it sets boundaries with the apps you choose. Once you reach your limit for a particular app, you won’t be able to access it until 12AM the next day.

Remember that VIP calls and contact work only in Thrive mode. Super Thrive mode is for users who want to seriously get rid of smartphone addiction. At the end of each session, you’ll be provided with a Microstep — small, science-backed behavior changes you can incorporate into your life today for greater well-being.

Here are some screenshots of the app. Download the app for free from Play Store.

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