Google has been aggressive about making Android Oreo available for low end smartphones. Android Oreo Go was released last year that can run on smartphones with 512MB-1GB of RAM. Google has released yet another app, the Gboard Go app for such devices.

Gboard Go

Recently, Google had launched Google Go, Maps Go, Gmail Go and Assistant Go for Oreo Go smartphones. The main aim of these apps is to provide same experience as other standard Google apps provide. The Gboard Go app is for low-power low-powered Android smartphones.

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Currently, the app hasn’t been listed on Play Store. Gboard Go app is said to only be rolling out to handsets running Android 8.1 Oreo. A user from a popular site said that Gboard Go uses under 40MB of RAM. In comparison, the regular version of Gboard app is about 70MB. However, it has been reported that there won’t be emoji and sticker search in Gboard Go.

With this Google now has six Go apps. We have listed them so you don’t have to search for them.

List of Google Go apps and their features:

  1. YouTube Go: A lightweight YouTube app that promises to run smoothly even on poor internet connectivity. Some videos can also downloaded and the size is way smaller than conventional YouTube app
  2. Google Go: The app was recently released and is the smaller sibling of Google App. The app can search faster, discover trending topics. images, websites in few taps
  3. Files Go: Works like ShareIt but with no Ads. It also has duplicate photo detector, cache cleaner, storage analzser
  4. Maps Go: Similar to Google Maps and includes location detection, providing you with directions, and traffic information for cars, public transit, and walking. 
  5. Gmail Go: Unreleased but soon it will be out.
  6. Gboard Go: Get compact version of original Gboard with some lesser features.

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