Innovation in smartphones might be drying up every year, but this doesn’t stop Samsung from trying something new. Samsung electronics on Wednesday revealed it fourth quarter and FY 2017 results in South Korea. It is planning to focus on foldable OLED displays for smartphones.


The fourth quarter report states “As for the Mobile business, Samsung will continue its efforts to differentiate its smartphones by adopting cutting-edge technologies, such as foldable OLED displays.” Samsung will be focusing more on upcoming Galaxy S9 series and expanding 64-layer V-NAND technology and AI/ IoT capabilities.


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Also, there are plans to expand businesses that are working on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things). Most prominent ones include Bixby-Virtual assistant and upcoming 5G technology.

Samsung has already faced a major jolt in India with Xiaomi topping the charts. “Looking at the mid to long term, Samsung expects the components business to see demand expand from new applications. For the set business, the company expects to enjoy increased opportunities mainly related to software, connected devices, and services based on AI/IoT platforms.” said Samsung’s press release.

Besides this Samsung is also planning to push technologies such as 8K and Micro LED in the TV market in 2018. 

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