Criticism has always been a part of Savvydroid, when things get out of hands we express them in posts. Today we will tell you 5 reasons why you should stop using ShareIt.

Undoubtedly, ShareIt is the most downloaded app from Google Play store and App store. The moment we want to transfer files, ShareIt is the first app that strikes our mind. Over the last few months, there have been numerous features added to this sharing app. Some are good and some we did not like. So we decided to list out the features that puts users privacy at stake.

ShareIt Login with Facebook

Very strange, why does a sharing tool like ShareIt prompts users to login with Facebook? We have no idea what ShareIt is upto, but doing so is not advisable. It asks for access to Name, email, Address and other public information.

Currently, it is not mandatory to login but in future it might happen. So next time you use ShareIt remember not to login with facebook. It can be used totarget people with personalized Ads.


ShareIt Ads

Everyone is annoyed by Ads from free apps, but ShareIt has touched a new low by serving Ad banners while sharing. It started appearing this year after the release of new version. India is a key market for ShareIt with over 500 Million users. If 100 Million users per day launch ShareIt for transferring files then imagine the amount of revenue ShareIt earns from Ads.

Moreover, the Ads are irrelevant and mostly involves paid promotion from various brands and movies. The entire home screen is filled with movie, song and trending videos. These promotions eat up your data too. Check screenshot.



ShareIt notifications

If Ads weren’t enough to torture users, ShareIt has started sending notifications about viral videos and news. These aren’t served based on an algorithm but are being recklessly to any users. Why will a 60 year old orthodox person be sent notifications about Bollywood?

Come on ShareIt, we know you earn millions of bucks per moth but this doesn’t mean you start targeting audiences with various mediums.


Smart Charge

Puzzled right? If not, got to ShareIt settings and you will find this option. Time and again we keep asserting it is not possible to charge your device fast using an app. Smart Charge doesn’t charge your device fast, in-fact our phone took 15 extra minutes to get full.

Users are prompted to enable Smart Charge when they connect a charger. Do not enable it, it will only waste more battery rather than boosting. Fast charge works only on devices that support like OnePlus, Samsung and LG. You need additional hardware or a kernel that supports and not a software that claims to do so.


ShareIt App Permissions

Probably it is ignored by most of us, but giving permissions to access your contacts and telephone for ShareIt raise our eyebrow. We recommend you to disable it from Settings->App-> ShareIt->App Permissions.


Why an app used for sharing needs access to our contacts?

Before pressing that back button we would like to tell some of the best alternatives for ShareIt. Trust us, try Files Go by Google. Zero Ads, trustworthy, fast and has more realistic features. You can also use Mi drop. It works just like ShareIt but with no Ads. The app is direct to use and doesn’t prompt users to Login.

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