WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the best Instant messaging app. Billions of messages and millions of medias are sent everyday. Be it a 10 year old kid or an 80 year elder, almost every citizen uses WhatsApp today. A slew of new features were released in 2017 like text status, 2 factor authentication, new emojis, filters and much more. Somehow we feel WhatsApp still hasn’t improved on simplifying existing operations.

Today we will see 5 features that WhatsApp needs to introduce. These features are basic and are much needed to replace the traditional approach.

1. WhatsApp Navigation

We are still using hardware keys to navigate on WhatsApp. We feel adding gesture based navigation can enhance user experience even better. It is often cumbersome to keep moving your hands down the phone to navigate. WhatsApp can use swipe left or right gestures to perform back operation and double tap a chat to send pictures instantly. Those who use Snapchat might be familiar with what we mean.


2.Instant WhatsApp Contacts

Dear WhatsApp, this is the most wanted feature demanded by every user. Yes, we are talking about starting a conversation with numbers without adding them to contacts. Though this can be done using third party apps, but having this functionality within WhatsApp sounds better.


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Suppose you receive a call from an unknown number and you have to WhatsApp him/her urgently, then you first need to save the contact and then proceed. But if WhatsApp introduces such feature wherein you don’t have to save contacts then it can save some time needed for saving numbers.


3) Copying WhatsApp Contacts

We expected this feature to be released long back, but still it is worth mentioning now. Currently you cannot copy contact numbers on WhatsApp directly, you either have to go in address book and copy from there or use Google’s on screen search.

WhatsApp must add this feature as soon as possible, then users will just need to long tap the contact bar to copy a number.


4) Formatting Text

How often do you use bold, italic or strikethrough for the messages? We know it is quite hard to remember the prefixes and WhatsApp needs to add dedicated buttons to make this task easier. Many users are still unaware of this feature and WhatsApp does need to put some light on this.

The buttons can be placed near the emoji search button. Ultimately it is up-to WhatsApp to decide this.


5) WhatsApp themes

Aren’t you bored of standard green and white color? We too feel the same. A dedicated theming zone in WhatsApp to redesign the color scheme as per users choice can appeal the looks of WhatsApp. Currently it can be done by using WhatsApp Mods, Substratum themes and some OEM ROMs like MIUI theme app.

When we say theming, we mean the entire WhatsApp UI. Users can change the color chat bar, chat layout, message colors etc

These were the features which we want to see in WhatsApp in 2018. There is a lot of scope for improving the traditional operations on WhatsApp. In case any WhatsApp employee reads this, then please forward it to your team.

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