Buying OnePlus smartphones is as good as a time bomb. You never know which scam or hack is about to strike you next. Recently OnePlus confirmed at around 40,000 customers credit cards were hacked. Mainly affected are the customers who had given their credit card number to OnePlus sometime between mid-November and last week.

The breach was detected when several OnePlus users started noticing fraudulent charges on their account. OnePlus has credited its community for bringing the issue to light. “We are eternally grateful to have such a vigilant and informed community, and it pains us to let you down.” the spokesperson writes. Users who has transacted using saved credit card, a credit card processed via PayPal, or through a PayPal account should not have been affected by the breach.

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According to the OnePlus spokesperson a malicious script operated intermittently, capturing and sending data directly from the user’s browser. Now that the issue has been detected and fixed, there will not be any more breaches.

Credit card payments will remain suspended on the store until the investigation is complete. The customers can use PayPal for purchasing items in the meantime. OnePlus says it is working to implement a more secure credit card payment method before it re-enables them.

For those whose credit card got hacked the company is reaching out to affected customers and offering a year of credit monitoring service for free.

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