In a bid to counter chain letter style spam messages and tackle viral fake messages spreading on WhatsApp, the instant messaging app is reportedly testing a new feature. The feature is that if a user forwards a message to multiple recipient then a pop up will appear prompting “has been forwarded many times”.

A similar warning is also shown on a frequently forwarded message when it is received. The feature is still under development and WhatsApp hasn’t officially revealed this feature yet. This feature was reported by two WhatsApp blog sites, and WABetainfo.

Why WhatsApp wants to detect such mesages?

Chain letter messages usually contains nonsense claims. You might have encountered messages wherein users are urged to forward a message. For ex: “If you don’t forward this message in next three minutes then you will have bad luck”. There is a need to tackle such menace on WhatsApp especially in countries like India where there communal riots triggered by WhatsApp forwards.

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Last year Facebook also launched a similar movement to help users identify fake news on it’s platform. It had used all forms of media to spread this message. Facebook now wants to extend this to WhatsApp too.

But wait! Aren’t our chats secured by end to end encryption?

We are too wondering the same. If WhatsApp releases this feature then what is the point of using end to end encryption? End to end encryption is a feature on WhatsApp that was released in 2016. It encrypts the messages sent by a user and can be decrypted only by the receiver.

Those are quizzed by this question let’s wait until WhatsApp make this feature official.

What do you think about this move? Will it solve the menace or intensify it more?


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