Android Oreo 8.1 has several features that are accessible behind the scenes. One notable feature is turning on Wi-Fi automatically when the device is is near a high-quality saved network. This feature is also available for Android Oreo 8.0 users as well. Today we will tell you how you can enable this cool feature on your smartphone.

How to turn on Wi-Fi automatically

Before you begin, make sure you check the following

  • Your location (GPS) is on.
  • Airplane mode is off.
  • Wi-fi scanning is on.

If one of those Settings are not satisfied then this feature won’t work. Now lets begin.

  1. Go to Setting>Network & Internet>Wi-Fi>Wi-Fi preference
  2. Enable Turn On Wi-Fi automatically

In case the option is still grayed out then follow these steps

  1. Go to Setting>Network & Internet>Wi-Fi>Wi-Fi preference> Advanced.
  2. Now tap on Network rating provider.
  3. Select Google and now enable Turn on Wi-Fi automatically.

You need the location On because Google cannot locate you when it is off and as a result the Wi-Fi won’t be enabled. Check screenshots below.


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