Hey everyone, its been more than four months since we last came up with ROM review. Today we’ll be doing something different, instead of madOS review we will be giving solutions to commonly asked questions about madOS Oreo. Do read the full post and share this if it helps you. The FAQ’s are only for Coolpad Note 3/Lite.

How to flash madOS?

  1. Backup your existing ROM,just in case something goes wrong.
  2. Download madOS Oreo zip, Gapps and M.A.D recovery(Note 3/ Lite)
  3. Flash latest mad Oreo recovery.
  4. Go to wipe -> Advanced Wipe->Tick Cache-> Select repair or change-> F2FS-> Swipe right.
  5. Perform step 4 for data partition as well.
  6. Flash ROM.zip and Gapps
  7. Reboot!


How to flash Magisk?

It’s recommended not to flash magisk immediately after flashing the ROM. However, after the first boot, you can flash Magisk.

  1. Boot into TWRP recovery
  2. Flash Magisk.zip(Download)
  3. Install Magisk manager(Download)
  4. Reboot!


SafetyNet is not passing in madOS

SafetyNet doesn’t work in Oreo if you flashed Magisk v15 or higher. To pass SafetyNet, follow the steps:

  1. Flash Magisk v14.(Download)
  2. Install Magisk manager(Download)
  3. Flash Universal SafetyNet.zip(Download)
  4. Reboot
  5. Optional: Upgrade Magisk to latest version

How to use Viper4Android in madOS Oreo?

Viper4Android is a great sound mod that can produce quality sound even on mediocre earphones. madOS doesn’t support all Viper4Android versions. To Install V4A, follow the steps:

  1. Root your device using Magisk.
  2. Install Magisk manager
  3. In manger, go to downloads.
  4. Search for Viper4Android, there will be 3 modules available. Download the module Viper4Android by ahrion.
  5. The flashing procedure will begin in few minutes. Press volume button when prompted.
  6. Followed by volume down button when asked.
  7. Viola!! You installed Viper4Android systemlessly.

If you press wrong keys during installation of V4A, then the app will be reported as virus by Google. 


How to install YouTube Red on madOS?

You can play YouTube videos in background also PIP mode will be enabled. Check here


Why Team M.A.D gave Unofficial Gapps?

Since there are no official Gapps for Android Oreo 8.1.0  Team M.A.D made their own custom Gapps.


Can I use SuperSU for rooting?

Yes, you can. But if you are using Snapchat or Banking Apps then those apps won’t work. We recommend you to use Magisk. For more information, check this guide

Have more questions? Let us know in comments and we’ll try our best to answer them

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