Planning to buy gaming laptop to play those ultra high graphics game? Think before you do so as Gloud Games allows you to play your favorite PC games on phone or tab. Instead of installing the game on your device, Gloud can stream it.




Gloud has all popular game types like PSP games, Arcade games, ACT FTG games, AVG  games, RAC SPG and FPS games. You can play games like Call of Duty: Advanced and Mad Max on your android smartphone with zero hardware. There are more than 500 popular PC games that can be streamed on Gloud Games.

The app is still under development and users can download it for free. You can either sign in as guest or with Gloud Account. All games on Gloud are not free, there are trial versions of PES 2017 and WWE2K17. Usually trial lasts for 30 minutes and after that you should purchase if you want to play more. You need to purchase in-built game currency to play premium games. You can buy the gold within the Gloud Games apps with PayPal, Card, AliPay or recharge code. 




High-end games run on server, and all you would need is a good internet connection and a passable Android device to play it. The app doesn’t need high requirements to run, a user whose smartphone has at least 2GB RAM will able to use this app smoothly.

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We played PES 2017 and a few arcade games for sometime. The experience was really great and didn’t face lags at all. Since PES 2017 was a trial game,we could play only for 30 minutes. We didn’t like the fact that some contents in the app were in Chinese.

Check Screenshots:


Savvydroid’s Take

A great app that can stream nearly all high-end games on a non-gaming Android device. We used Coolpad Note 3 Lite for all our testing and there were no lags. Gloud Games will definitely be the future medium for gamers.


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