LG 2018 TVs With Google Assistant, Alexa For Voice Control-LG HQ

LG has announced that selected TVs in 2018 will have the built-in feature of Google Assistant, which will allow the users to use voice commands directly via the remote.

LG’s “Intelligent Voice Control With Integrated Google Assistant” will enhance users control over the entire system and equip them with numerous control features, as well as search for information from Electronic Program Guide(EPG). According to LG users will be able to issue commands such as “search for soundtrack of this movie” or “turn off the TV when this show is over”. The TVs Google Assistant will also allow the user to control the compatible smart home devices and streaming audio products.

LG 2018 TVs With Google Assistant, Alexa For Voice Control-LG ThinQ
LG ThinQ

If you already own a Google Home Speaker, you can control the TV without any remote. You can even turn the TV on and off with a voice commands .LG also says that the TV is compatible with Amazon Echo devices, thanks to Alexa, although the commands are limited and you won’t be able to turn on/off with voice commands

In mid November 2017 , the competitor Sony added Google Assistant to its televisions and also used remote control’s mic in a similar fashion.

While Both Samsung and LG experimented with gesture control several years ago, a lack of industry standards and slow user experience helped seal the fate of the technology. however years of experience and definitive standards, both Google and Amazon should be able to ensure their voice assistance live longer.


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