Savvydroid will be launching two new services today. First is our WhatsApp group and second is WhatsApp broadcast. Through WhatsApp group users can get latest gadget news, tricks and deals. Beside this, we are also starting a new feature called “Ask Savvy”, through this anyone who has query about gadgets can join our WhatsApp group and get it resolved.

WhatsApp Broadcast

WhatsApp broadcast is for people who want regular updates from Savvydroid on WhatsApp. As we post new content on Savvydroid, we will be pushing out messages to our subscribers. To be part of this service, all you have to do is send an SMS in the following format.

<SUB><“Your name”> TO 8806704278


Savvydroid WhatsApp Group

Anyone can join our group to get your queries resolved. Only technical queries will be accepted. Remember, we are human beings, we too will be referring third party sites and adding our own bit of extra knowledge for resolving your queries. In case we are wrong, feel free to correct us. We will also be posting our regular updates related to Savvydroid on the group.

As everyone knows, WhatsApp group are prone to spamming, we will be very strict regarding this. Every member must follow the following rules:

  1. No sending Good morning/Night or wishes. We understand you care for others, but sun will rise and set even if you don’t send them 😀
  2. Affiliate links are strictly forbidden. Users too can search for them on shopping apps/portals.
  3. Promotion of YouTube videos, asking for shares/likes will lead to permanent ban.
  4. No messing with Group icon and subject.
  5. Using cuss words, sharing of obscene/violent medias are not allowed.
  6. Any links that intentionally benefit the member will lead to permanent ban.


What is allowed in the group

  1. Sharing of links related to your queries for better understanding.
  2. Sharing of review on Gadgets or some experience related to it.
  3. Posting links from websites for queries.
  4. YouTube videos which provide unique knowledge.
  5. Great deals from Shopping portals(non affiliate only).


With the launch of these services we aim to expand our base further on social medias. Feel free to Contact Us if you find our rules weird.

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