Television is the ultimate source of entertainment, whether you have kids or elderly one in the house, it has always covered all age groups. However, for your favorite channels to get streamed on your T.V it’s obvious that you have to shell out a few bucks. This might not be a matter of concern to some, but if you have members who watch variety of channels then you might need to spend more on channels.

In India, most people living in urban areas spend at least Rs 400-500 per month for subscribing various channels. In case you love HD channels then it can shot up-to Rs 800-1000 per month. Almost everyone has set-up box today which are provided from companies like Tata Sky, Dish TV, Sun Direct etc. These companies charge you certain amount that has to be paid so you get your favorite channels.

With the evolution of technology and improvements in Internet speed and connectivity, online streaming companies like Netflix and Hotstar have began to dominate urban population. The advantage is that the subscription fees is way too less then conventional dishes. As there’s less hardware to be installed and no cables at subscribers home, this brings down the cost of subscription fees.

So we told you different ways how your favorite channels are delivered to your T.V, the similarity is that in all the cases you need to spend some bucks. What if you get all channels free of cost? This means you will be saving at-least Rs 4000 every year. Calculation aside, here’s RedBox TV that provides more than 1000+ channels which are absolutely free. From sports to cartoons, news to devotional, science to movies RedBox TV has all core channels.

RedBox TV

RedBox TV is a FREE live streaming App where you can watch your favorite TV channels anytime. It has 1000+ live channels from 15 different countries.

Features of RedBox TV

  • RedBox TV has built in support for all the famous media players. It supports android player, MX player, 321 player and Web Player.
  • The App is light weight and very responsive. It was developed using a minimalistic approach. It will never take more than 30 MB storage of your phone. Considering the whooping amount of channels it was a development challenge.
  • RedBox TV easy to use like any other TV. Just download scroll and click on channel to play. It will ask you to select a player. You may select built in android player if you don’t want to install any external player.

So what you waiting for? Cut the cables, ditch Netflix and Hotstar and start using RedBox TV to save some money on entertainmet .

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