2017 is almost over and you might still be wondering how to earn money the easiest way. If you do, then this post is definitely not for you. Today’s world has too much opportunities to earn money easily, but people hardly grab them. Let’s stop demoralizing and begin this awesome year end article.

How to earn money on Internet?

We human being always want our work to be completed easily, for example: A few decades back when online shopping never existed we used to physically go to market to purchase daily goods. But now with so many e-mart coming up we usually place orders online. In few hours those goods will be shipped.

So what’s the reason for the success of e-marts? A more easier approach was made available to us, so we started accepting it. Basically, people living far away from markets had to travel several hours which was the main problem. Some smart person came with a solution to this in the form of online shopping which solved the woes. Today besides delivery, online sellers also give discounts and coupons.

You might feel we have deviated from the title, but the key to earning money is identifying problems and finding a solution to it. Another method to earn money is by providing better services to customer. If your service is really good then it will take just few weeks before you start earning tonnes of money. Besides this, there are so many other ways.

1.Selling Used Products

booksIf you are a student and currently pursuing some degree then you might have already purchased reference books. Each books often cost Rs 500-600 and if its an international publication then get ready to shed several thousand bucks.

Students never compromise on their studies and some day during their degree they will have the urge to use reference books. Library may be used by some, but you can’t guarantee the availability. So students tend to buy these books either from stores or online.

Selling your notes/ books to juniors can get you some money and also recover some cost you spent on the book. Though it’s not ideal to sell books at MRP when you have used it, but giving some Rs 50-100 discount sounds good.


2.Renting your house during holidays

Sounds stupid, but this the best way to earn a lot of money. December is the season of tourists when most lodges get booked and rates soar as high as Rs 50K per night. Tourists often have limited knowledge about locals, so they end up spending wrong amount. Also most tourists try to save on lodging and this is where you can tap money.

Vacate your house for few days and give it for rent. You can stay at grandmas house if you desperately want money. Based on your location, charge your guests but don’t overcharge them like hotels do.


3.Online Services

OnlineServicesOkay, we already told you about this, but there’s more to it. With Christmas vacation around the corner you will have plenty of free time at home. Why don’t you learn some PhotoShop or DAW? There’s a lot of scope for this if you master yourself in these field. You can be a freelancer and start earning regular incomes. Sounds easy right? Besides this, you can also make intros for YouTue Channels, posters, Sound editing, Programming etc. All you need is dedication.



Are you a good speaker? Why don’t you exploit it then? Conduct a weekly webinar and speak on topics which are controversial, we assure people will start developing interest in it. Once you get a base, you can start charging your audiences.


5.Writing Blogs

Some might love to write articles, whether its political or technological you can always express them by starting a blog. The easiest way to begin is with Google Blogger. The service is completely free and once you get good ranking, you can start placing Ads on your blog. Based on the Ads you will earning revenue.


6.Online tutoring

udemySo many people out there want to learn programming, but they might not find them online. If you are good in programming languages like C, C++, Java or other then head towards Udemy and start making tutorials. You can also create your own website at zero cost. Buy a free .tk domain and opt for Viewen hosting, set it up and you are good to go.


7.Affiliate Marketing

Have good marketing skills? Then head towards any e-commerce website and become an affiliate marketer now. In affiliate marketing you earn commission when someone buys a product though your affiliate link. Different websites have varying commission and you can earn up-to 18% on total purchase. This is the best time to earn money as many e-commerce portals are giving discounts.


8.YouTube Videos


When we say YouTube videos we mean Gadget unboxing videos in India. You very well know how pathetic they are with 40% of the video being just the description of the delivery box and not the actual contents. Most YouTubers do this to increase their engagement time with the audiences, in-turn audience often get frustrated with it. The solution is to that you can start unboxing videos which is to the point and not like others.


9.Android Apps


Google has expanded Android from smartphone to smartwatches and even T.V’s. This clearly indicates Android is the future of all gadgets. You can start learning Android Development, prerequisites: you should be knowing Java. Once you become a professional developer you can develop apps for people who are in need of one.



You can curse the writer if you want, but don’t waste more time in finding ways to earn money. We have listed some of the best ways to do as per the current trends. Hope you like it. Do follow Savvydroid for regular cool updates.

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