Apple iMac Pro 2017: Specs, Price , Review


Apple has announced its long-awaited, super-powered iMac Pro will go on sale on December 14, meeting its promise to get it to power-hungry Mac lovers before the end of 2017. The all-in-one desktop Mac, was announced way back at WWDC in June and is designed for creative professionals, such as those working in high-end video/photo editing and graphic design. So how is iMac Pro? Does is stand on the hyped expectations? Lets us find out in this article.

iMac Pro Specs

At its most basic, the iMac Pro is a high-end workstation. This means the lowest-cost modelgets one of Intel’s top-end Xeon CPUs with a minimum of eight CPU cores, all the way up to 18 cores. That’s a monstrous specification, but keep in mind that Xeon processors are more sedate than the rip-roaring 18-core Core i9 chips announced at Computex 2017.

iMac Pro Specs

The GPU tech is so cutting-edge that we don’t even know what the exact specification will be. That’s because it’s using AMD’s latest Vega graphics architecture. It’s toting 11 teraflops (trillion floating point operations per section) of GPU power, which is far and away the most powerful graphics chip ever seen in an all-in-one PC. You’ll get up to 16GB of high-bandwidth memory with your graphics chip, and up to 128GB of ultra-reliable error correcting code (ECC) memory.

iMac Pro Design

The 27-inch iMac Pro , having great resemblance to flat screen TV’s, arrives with a new, exclusive colour. It’s Space Gray, matching the options for some MacBooks, iPads and iPhone devices. Accessories like the Magic Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad also arrive in that fetching shade.

iMac Pro Accessories Design
iMac Pro Monitor Design

Apple designed an entirely new fan system that offers an 80 percent increase in cooling capacity. This is necessary if the iMac Pro is to handle 500 watts and stay cool. That’s 67 per cent more power than the standard iMac.

So Apple has completely redesigned the thermal architecture of the iMac for the iMac Pro. Inside you’ll find dual blowers, a massive heat sink and extra venting, according to Apple.

iMac Pro Price

Pricing starts at $4,999/£4,949 – which may sound a lot, but Apple says that if you built a PC equivalent it’d cost $7,000 without the display.

iMac Pro Price

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