Huawei makes a bang in the market with the launch of its new Honor 7X this December. Honor 7X has created a lot of buzz since its launch date and many people have bought and given their opinion about the product. Honor 7X is the newest launch and is the successor of Honor 6X. So Savvydroid tried to get their hands on it and here is our review for Honor 7X.

The Design

The front is dominated by a 5.93-inch screen with thin borders on the sides but comparatively thicker ones at the top and bottom. The metal earpiece sits above the screen, with an 8-megapixel front camera alongside. Just like the Honor 9i, the fingerprint scanner on the 7X is at the back. We found it easy to reach and it was quick to unlock the phone in our experience. Honor has used a metal unibody for this smartphone which gives it that premium look and feel.

Honor 7X Design
Honor 7X Design

The loudspeaker, 3.5mm headphones socket, primary microphone, and Micro-USB port are all on the bottom. The dual camera setup at the back is accompanied by a single-LED flash.

The Display

One of the Honor 7X’s headliners is the screen. It’s where most budget phones fall seriously short, but the Honor 7X bucks the trend — it has the best display you’ll find for 13k . It’s the first phone from Honor to feature a full screen HD+ display, and it looks really good.

Honor 7X Display
Honor 7X Display

The 18:9 aspect ratio makes a huge difference when watching movies on your phone. Most use an anamorphic aspect ratio such as 21:9, and when a 21:9 video is squeezed into a conventional 16:9 smartphone display, letterboxing — the black bars on the top and bottom of your screen — occurs. The Honor 7X’s 18:9 display makes that ugly phenomenon a thing of the past — you’ll find that videos fill much more of the phone’s screen real estate, resulting in a bigger picture and that shows you more of the action.

The Camera

The camera app is fairly easy to use and apart from the default auto mode, you can select between wide aperture, moving picture and portrait modes. You get a lot of other modes to choose from as well, including a Pro Photo mode that lets you fine-tune camera parameters before taking a shot. You also have the option to download additional features if required.

Honor 7X Camera
Honor 7X Camera

Photos taken with the Honor 7X look good at first glance. However, zoom into landscape shots and you can see that the 7X misses out on details and delivers slightly grainy shots. Macros are good and there is decent separation between subjects and backgrounds. The wide aperture mode gives you better depth of field by digitally adding blur based on the aperture value you select.

The Performance

The Honor 7X sports the same combination of processor and RAM as the Honor 9i and scores similarly in benchmarks. In Antutu, it managed to score 62,504, and we got 906 and 3569 points in Geekbench’s single-core and multi-core tests respectively. GFXBench returned 18fps which is just about average.

Movies and games are immersive thanks to the big display. However, we did notice that the phone would get warm after a long gaming session, and there would be significantly higher battery drain. With light to medium use, the phone lasted us one working day, but playing games and watching videos had a big impact on battery life. The phone lasts only a little over 8 hours, which is under-par for a battery of this size. Honor has baked in a few battery saving software tweaks which could come in handy, but we shouldn’t have to use them all the time.

Honor 7X Performance
Honor 7X Performance

Savvydroid’s Verdict:

Overall Honor 7X looks like a decent phone for just 12,999. It has a little heating issue and also the images taken by camera gets saturated. Honor 7X has not shown longer lasting battery life. Honor 7X is not the best one in this range but definitely gets you excited.

Display 5.93 inch
Processor 1.73 GHz Octa-Core
OS Android 7.0
Front Camera 8 Megapixels
Rear Camera 16 megapixel+ 2 Megapixels -Dual Camera
Battery Life 3340 mAh
Storage 32 GB



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