Budget smartphones usually have less than 1 GB RAM, and if you use lot of Google apps then the device might start lagging in few months. The solution is to either to uninstall apps or buy a new device. The second option might not be well suited for everyone.

Google recently released Android Oreo(Go Edition) with an aim to make Android Oreo available in budget phones. Today’s most application size have increased compared to few years back. As a result, there was an urge to solve the problem especially phones with less than 1 GB RAM.


But as we know companies like Micromax, Karbonn and Intex are reluctant to provide updates to the consumers, Google has also released Go app versions of several popular Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, Maps etc. This means you will now be able to enjoy same features with an app that consumes less space on your smartphone.

List of Google Go apps and their features:

    1. YouTube Go: A lightweight YouTube app that promises to run smoothly even on poor internet connectivity. Some videos can also downloaded and the size is way smaller than conventional YouTube app
    2. Google Go: The app was recently released and is the smaller sibling of Google App. The app can search faster, discover trending topics. images, websites in few taps
    3. Files Go: Works like ShareIt but with no Ads. It also has duplicate photo detector, cache cleaner, storage analzser
    4. Maps Go: Similar to Google Maps and includes location detection, providing you with directions, and traffic information for cars, public transit, and walking. 


Google will be adding more Go apps like Google Assistant and Gmail in future. It must be noted that you can access these apps on Play Store only if your device has less than 1 GB of RAM. However during our check, we could download Google Maps Go on 3 GB RAM smartphone. We drew a conclusion that Google was promoting those apps to create awareness among users.


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