WhatsApp is constantly evolving with every updates, and now it’s all set to introduce more features like Private replies, Shake to report, invite through links,picture in picture mode and unblocking by tap option. These features are in addition to giving more powers to the admins.

WhatsApp Private Replies

Sounds cool and is a much needed feature that we had been waiting for. Suppose you want to message a group member without leaving the group, then the option to “reply privately” in a group allows members of a WhatsApp chat group to do so. For this option, the user will have to tap on the arrow appearing at the top right corner of a particular message and opt for ‘Reply Privately’ option.


WhatsApp Tap to Unblock and Invite links

Previously to unblock a contact you had to either go in settings or the chat itself, but now WhatsApp will be adding tap to unblock feature which allows the users to unblock a contact just by a long tap and selecting “Unblock” from menu.

The ‘invite via link’ feature will allow the group admin to add a person to a group by sending them a link to the group. Earlier this wasn’t possible and you had to copy the link to clipboard.


WhatsApp picture in picture mode

Currently users cannot leave the call stopping the video. With the ‘picture in picture’ mode it will allow users to view, forward and receive videos in a separate window. Users will see a new icon while watching a video. This will allow the user to continue with a video call.


WhatsApp Shake to Report

At times WhatsApp might behave strangely and users often get frustrated with it. Now WhatsApp is all set to introduce ‘shake to report’ feature that allows to shake the device while in a chat to report if something has gone wrong. This will open “Contact Us” section where logs can be sent to WhatsApp for troubleshooting.

All these features are exclusively available on WhatsApp beta only. After rigorous testing, it will be available for stable release.

What do you think about these features? Will it be a boon or bane to users?




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