Reliance JioPhone, a high end feature phone with ultra cheap price is creating a lot of flutters in the market. The phone is available for just Rs 1500 which is refundable after three years when you return the phone.

The phone is available to the users who had registered during pre-booking. The response Jio got was astonishing and it may take few more weeks before Jio fulfills all orders.

JioPhone comes with built in virtual assistant that responds to your voice, but now it will be replaced by Google Assistant. Getting Google Assistant on a feature phone is definitely a boon to the users. It can nearly do all the function on JioPhone like searching contacts, placing a call, typing texts etc.


Besides this, you can even play music and videos stored on SD card. Initially it will be available in two languages i.e Hindi and English. Regarding the roll out of this update, it will soon be available in coming weeks. We have made a guess that this update will be rolled on new year eve.

JioPhone runs on Kai OS and is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 with 512 MB RAM. The phone also supports unofficial WhatsApp and Facebook app available on KaiOS app store. One major reason for the success of JioPhone is that it supports 4G VoLTE and complementary Jio services like JioTV, Jio Security etc.

What do you think about this update? Why Google is interested in a feature phone when smartphone industry is booming?

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