Samsung recently launched an Oreo beta program for Galaxy S8 and S8+ in select countries. To avail this update you should be a part of Samsung’s preview program. This week Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Oreo firmware got leaked. The firmware is for Snapdragon powered Note 8 device that was launched on September 15 globally.


Note that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are shipped in two variants. The Qualcomm variant for USA and China, and Exynos variant for other countries.

Those who are willing to update their Note 8 be forewarned that the Oreo update is unstable and might cause various issues. As for the stable version, users may get receiveĀ  in early 2018.

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In order to get the Oreo update for Samsung Galaxy Note, firstly you have to enroll for Samsung’s preview program and then update your device to latest Nougat Firmware 2BQK2. However, XDA insiders have revealed that you can update to Oreo even if you don’t have latest Nougat firmware. But, you’ll have to do this manually using ODIN.


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