Welcome to the second part of alternative for Chinese apps series. If you haven’t read the part 1 then we highly recommend to do so. Continuing this series, today we’ll tell you best alternatives for other apps which we had left last time.

Hike, WhatsApp, Telegram

Do you use WeChat or Weibo or other Chinese instant messengers? We have no clues why people use these apps when there are way better alternatives like WhatsApp, Hike and Telegram. WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger, you can chat, call, video call with everyone who uses WhatsApp. On the other hand, Hike can be used if there are more members in the group (up-to 1K). Meanwhile Telegram is the most robust instant messaging app. You can program bots to perform certain tasks like Welcome messages, weather forecast, play games etc.

App name: WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram

Alternative for: Weibo, WeChat, Line and all Chinese IMs



Cache Cleaner

Clearing cache can free some memory on your device. Everyone has their own favorite cache cleaner and  might be using Chinese cache cleaner apps like Clean Master, DU cleaner etc. CCleaner is the best alternative for cache cleaning. Most Chinese apps tend to have a lot of unnecessary bloatwares like fast charging, battery health checkup which is just a gimmick. CCleaner which is widely used on Windows PC is also available for Android now. Give it a try! You will definitely love it. Though UI is boring, but it gets your job done quite efficiently.

App name: CCleaner

Alternative for: Du Cleaner, Clean Master



AZ Screen Recorder

Ultra legends might be knowing about this app, especially YouTubers who upload Clash Royale or Clash Of Clans gameplays. Then there are legends, men and kids who use DU Screen recorder. DU Screen recorder is a Chinese app which might be sending your screen records to remote server. We suggest you to use AZ screen recorder, though there are certain limitations in free version, but you can always buy the pro pack.

App name: AZ Screen Recorder

Alternative for: DU Screen recorder




Two minutes silence for all those use UC News, NewsDog or any Chinese news app. Time and again these apps have been taken down by Google for allegedly stealing user data. Download News-Point if you want Indian News or BBC News if you want International News. News-Point is available in various regional languages like Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam etc. BBC News covers almost all major international news, including India.

App Name: India News by News-Point, BBC News

Alternative for: UC News, NewsDog etc.



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