If you were worried about KRACK vulnerability exploit on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, then here’s an update that will fix it. The exploit could have been used to steal users data especially on Wi-Fi networks. The issue has now been fixed, Samsung has termed this as “Secure Wi-Fi”.

The Secure Wi-Fi VPN service encrypts the outgoing Internet traffic and disables tracking apps and website. The working of this service allows users to browse the web securely on unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Secure Wi-Fi service may reduce Wi-Fi connection speed and affect battery life too. Another issue includes, hindering Note 8 device from connecting other devices that use same Wi-Fi network. Besides this, it may not work on some websites and appps that have their own security policy.

You can enable Secure Wi-Fi once you have installed this update. Go to Settings->Connections -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced -> Secure Wi-Fi option and enable it. You also get to choose the apps that will utilize this service. For those who are not seeing the Secure Wi-Fi option on their Note 8, don’t worry as the service may not be available in your region yet.

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However, this service isn’t fully free. Samsung gives 250 MB of free Secure Wi-Fi data every month. If you are using unlimited internet packs then you might have to pay around Rs 80-100 per day. If that sound costly then pay Rs 180/month and you’ll be getting unlimited service..

The Service is already a part of Samsung’s affordable J series. Adding this feature to flagship smartphone does make sense. We feel this service should have been free for Note 8 users as they already pay around Rs 50K for the device itself. What do you feel? 

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