And the good news has finally arrived for Coolpad Note 3 and Coolpad Note 3 Lite users. Team M.A.D will soon be releasing MAD OS Oreo for these devices. How we know?

According to a Facebook post, users with good flashing knowledge and owning Coolpad Note 3/Lite were invited for testing. This means Oreo ROM for Coolpad Note 3/Lite has already been compiled and we just have to wait for Official release.

Need two testers for Note 3 and Lite each
To test official MAD OS based on Android Oreo 8.0
Screening process rules:
1. Must know the risks
2. Must have good knowledge about flashing and who can recover from soft bricks by themselves without any help
3. Last but not the least, should be a really good tester to test with different test cases and find out bugs

Invitation for testing

MAD OS is probably one of the best ROM for Coolpad Note 3/Lite. The VoLTE bug is also expected to get solved soon. MAD OS has some serious firepower when it comes to¬† performance. The ROM doesn’t lag and there’s no battery drain after 15%.

What do you think about MAD OS? Can it beat TeamZero’s DoT OS?

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