What can you do with $45? May be spend a night in hotel or go to Dominos with your friends, or even a movie with the family. If that sounds boring then here’s a $45 Google Cardboard Kit, all you need is some patience to put all together.


A few years ago, Google made headlines when it released Cardboard headset that transformed your smartphone into Virtual Reality device. But now Google seems to be moving further by launching this kit.

What does Google Cardboard Box do?

Google’s cardboard/electronic hybrid is an AI-powered camera that can learn all sorts of useful stuff. It can learn to identify various objects in your surroundings like pets, plants, animal species etc. Besides this, it can also become your personal security assistant. It can also monitor activities around your house like a dog or a cat roaming.


This tiny box learns from experiences, which means the more you use the better it can understand. You can also term this device as an artificial human eye, because the camera acts like a vision.

This kit isn’t aimed at targeting casual electronic consumers but for people who like to tinker. It has got a weird name- “Google AIY Vision Kit”.

The kit is helpful for people who are willing to learn Raspberry Pi. So if you aren’t enthusiastic about RasPi then this kit is definitely useless.

Regarding the availability, it’s available for pre-order at microcenter. Bad luck if you live in India. May be if this project succeeds then Google may launch in India.

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